Monday, May 12, 2008

Coz God's got a sense of humor

About the time Joshua was born people started giving us stuff. And it was "unnecessaries". But they were gifts, so who are we to refuse. It's just strange when you live on "faith" - or the support of others entirely - you let the extras fall away. And some of the nicer-necessaries. And it feels odd, when we get stuff we like, or stuff we consider unnecessary, because it's been a while...

But we are so grateful to those people. And I think in some way it's God's way of saying, "Yeah, I'm well-aware you don't have money, but this is my way of saying, settle down and I'll provide". Well... He has. And He will.

Some things God's given us recently:

All the money to pay for Joshua's medical bills.

All the money to pay for Joshua's funeral bills.

A Wii gaming system.

A hairdryer.

A ipod shuffle

Photo albums, photo frames, and scrapbooks (with pictures in them!)

Brunch tickets.

Ice cream.


Feijoas, oranges, lemons, and apples.

A camera.

Another camera.

A mountain bike.

Two cars (since August 07).

And it's weird. Because it's stuff that we can't really use to make money off of (like sell on Ebay) but.... it's a very clear picture.

God's gonna provide. And let me tell you, it doesn't make the waiting any less scary.

But it's kool to watch.

Oh, and a million thank you's to the people who are responsible for the above. You were listening to God, and that's amazing!


Today I followed Brittany's husband's suggestion to start using Gimp. She was saying she didn't want to learn a new program, but since I've never touched Photoshop and Gimp is free - bring on Gimp please! Since I'm doing graphic design for the magazine it's a bit scary when I don't even know the in's and out's of Publisher! Ak! So anyways, in my attempts to "better my knowledge" and hopefully find a way to create logos or whatever it is that I need - I downloaded it today and spent the better part of the day fussing with it. Oh, that and answered a dozen+ emails from blogland. And thank you very much by the way.

I did manage to learn how to rotate images.

And I followed one tutorial. But beyond that... I'm lost. Hmm....
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  1. I also tried using gimp. I was able to open a picture with it, but beyond that I am completely lost as well. Good luck!

  2. Thanks a ton Susie for your encouragement, whether you know it or not. I'm beginning to step out and go on "faith" support for the coming year and this post was particularly encouraging and reminding of God's provision.

    Be blessed and I can't wait to see you all