Wednesday, May 7, 2008

You know you're a Girl-Momma when...

You're proud that you've never taught your daughter that bugs are yucky, and you've never gotta shrieky about bugs before (in front of her) and then she lifts the welcome mat and discovers a large cricket.

The girl's reaction you ask? Calm? Curious? Collected?


Utter and complete meltdown.

Matt ran outside thinking she'd fallen down the steps. Nope. Cricket. 2 feet away. Unbothered by Oceana. Melt. Doooown.

I'm a Girl-Momma!


  1. That is too funny of a post- and I dont think its just a girl thing... my five year old boy was like that until last he just tries to 'save the bugs' the other day I told him to kill a spider he had seen and next thing I knew he was in the cupboard looking for something to feed it! The three year old is another story- he is a true boy - kill any insect he sees in an attempt to check it out.

  2. I heard a comedian say recently, he couldn't figure out how girls could have all the hair in their delicate bikini area ripped out after having hot wax put on it without so much as a flinch, then shriek and say they are terrified of a bug. ::tee hee::