Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What did you do so far?

This week?

Well, I tried to go all technological. Haha. I had to laugh. The printer's from the USA (It still works, so I'm not buying a new one right now!) so it's gotta be here, at the power converter by the TV. I was printing something - so I had to have the laptop. And then I was downloading pictures - so there's the reader. And the CD player sits there anyways. So - I was laughing at myself - surrounded by technology. Anyways. I printed the last of our pieces of the newsletters. They're out of my hair now - in the mail this afternoon. Yay!

We took a walk yesterday. Oceana wanted to bring her handbag. Oh geez. I guess I carry my bag like that - coz that's how she carries hers! Doesn't she look 15? AK!

She even "needed" the keys. Oh goodness. See the green key? That's the house key! So convenient when you're searching for the right one!

Do you see the pout? She looks like she's snubbing someone! AK!

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  1. oh that last picture is too much! she looks like a little teenager. i love the pics- thanks for sharing susie!

    oh...are we going to get to see a pic of your new haircut with curly hair?? im a fellow curly girl, so im particularly interested.

    have a wonderful day!

  2. I love, love, love these pictures of Oceana! Those are simply priceless. >:0)

  3. Bridie carries 'her' handbag the exact same way - must be a girl thing! She was pretty excited to see Oceana and Eli on the computer, but now expects them to be there every time she goes past - gets a bit grumpy about it when they are not there too (maybe another girl thing?!)
    I've been thinking a lot about your comment a few posts ago, about the things that Joshua didn't get to do for his age. That is true, not as much as the 'average baby'. But Susie, think about all the things he did get to do - so much more than the average 'cele baby', and so much more than the Doctors thought he would. That was all thanks to you guys, the decisions you made, and the amazing love you have for him and each other. Wow, I am still so amazed and so very pleased that you got breastfeed him - such a special time for a mother and baby, not to mention all the dirty nappies :) He might not have done all those developmental things that other babies do, but he did so much more than most of us do in a lifetime made up of years and years - he is touching and changing the lives of so many people, and he is making the world a better place. Thanks for sharing him with us all Susie.

  4. She is so cute Susie! Such a little girl :)

  5. AK! that last picture just gets me!! It's scary. She's getting bigger and growing up! What am I to do with myself! Haha - good luck with her. I'll be there soon! Can't wait!

  6. She's awesome, Susie! You guys are going to have so much fun together as she grows up.:)


  7. LOL She does look very grown up.

  8. Your printer looks like mine!

    Ha! I love Oce! She's so great!

    You should see Hannah feed her baby dolls. She nurses like Mommy! LOL.

    To answer the question of what I've done this week...

    I went to my moms for a new used minivan (yay).

    I enrolled a new customer for my work at home business (yay)!

    I became ineligible for WIC

    Got the wonderful opportunity to spend the evening in the emergency room with Johnathan. He and his friends were "playing" golf in the yard and he was too close to his frien swinging the golf club. Thankfully, he's ok... just bruised.

    I think that's all I did so far, but it's only Wednesday here and there are a few more days. Lots more planned. Like a yard sale this weekend!


  9. that last picture is priceless....save it forever! Oh, and I love the pictures of your curly do. It didn't frizzy to me. :)

  10. she is so stinkin' cute! she really does look like she's acting 15! adorable - even needs the keys! ha! these made my day! I love your hair too - it looks great!

  11. she is absolutely beautiful, and such a bright personality!

  12. Oh my gosh, those pictures are absolutely adorable...she does look so grown up in them.

    PS-I love the new haircut-both straight and curly, I think it looks really great.

  13. Oh my gosh!!! Look at her. She is too cute. And I love your hair, both straight and curly. Glad it makes you feel a little better.