Friday, May 2, 2008

A rough night/day

Oceana went to sleep easily enough. Matt and I played a game of Life - which is fun, except that against my husband I win about 15% of the time. How's that for his ego-stroke. Blah... :) Haha.
Matt came down with a migraine-ish headache and went to bed early. So I finally fell in bed, like usual around 12. Around 2 or 3 we heard Oceana crying and Matt said "Just let her be for a few minutes". I did, but then I realized she was banging on her door - so I went in to put her back in bed. As I set her back on her bed I touched something wet. My initial reaction was - "Oh no, the diaper blew up."

Boy was I wrong.

I went to turn on the light, and suddenly saw IT.

Corned beef-a-la-spew.


So, let's just say that I stripped the sheets off the bed, rolled them into a pile by her bedroom door, picked her up, took her downstairs, stripped her, and put her in the shower (poor kid - a 3am shower is a bit of a shock to the system). The shower was necessary because apparently she had "spewed" earlier in the night so - for lack of a better term - it was caking. UGH. But the shower woke her up. Now, I was exhausted - but oh well.

We curled up on the couch together (coz heck if a potential-puker's going in MY BED) and watched 2 Weeks Notice (she did - I slept on-and-off). I was vaguely aware of Matt getting up and getting her dressed, giving her another shower, and getting her settled before he went to work.

She hurled twice more. Blah.

But the goooooood news is - it was sunny today. So it's all clean (except one load that didn't make it on the line).

I took Oceana for a walk this afternoon and got carried away. We ended up at the office and I said we weren't leaving - coz I was too tired to walk home. I worked for about an hour and then went home with Matti.

Tuna Noodle Casserole's calling my name.



  1. Oh man! Yuck! Poor baby girl! I hope she feels much better and you all escape the evil clutches of the spewing!

    Yeah, I don't play games with Daniel anymore. He always wins, and that tends to get a girl down after awhile, ya know.

    Loveya back ;)


  2. Oh gross. I can't stand vomit... it makes me dry retch, or even hurl myself. Adam is usually my night in shining armour there. But I hear you on the caked on thing... that's happened to one or two of our kids, too. FOUL.

    I hope you get a better nights sleep tonight, precious heart.

    (As an aside, Adam called me an old woman the other day, because I call people by sweet names. He mocks me "sa-way-dee" you can imagine.)

  3. Poor Oceana! It's the worst to find that your little one has thrown up in the night - especially when you're not quite sure when it happened. Hope she's feeling better!!

  4. I am so sorry that this is happening! Oceana has been so sick lately and I know from experience (Matt was plagued with ear infections every fall and winter mercilessly...) how exhausting it is physically and emotionally. I hope she gets better soon. She has such a wonderful mommy and daddy taking care of her. Sending our love your way...wish it could be more.