Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A rough baby day

Natalie's surgery is tomorrow (I just found out).

Jacob Fahmer's in rough shape again. He's having episodes of not breathing. They can't stimulate him out of the episodes. They just try to stimulate his heart and have to wait. It's terrifying for them, I can only assume. Jacob's 7 days younger than Joshua. Pray for him and his family.


  1. Praying for the babies...and being evermore thankful for the good health of my own.

    Please update when you can about Natalie.

  2. Praying for both of these babies and for Natalie's surgery to be successful tomorrow. Praying for her parents too, this is such a hard time. Hoping that you are doing good these days and haven't mentioned that I love what you have been doing with your hair:) Your pictures with Oceana are so good. Take care Susie and my prayers continue for you guys as you continue on in this journey of new normal.

    Much Love, Laurie in Ca.

  3. Praying for Nat...are you able to post her site?

  4. I know this is of major controversy but there has been research done and some has shown vaccinations to cause brain damage. Just curious if she had a recent vaccination? One study showed that many babies were misdiagnosed with shaken baby syndrome and innocent parents/people have been jailed.

    Just my two cents for whatever it's worth!?!!?