Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The ones that didn't make it

Cadbury Roses.... The far left is a caramel, the green is a peppermint, the red is a strawberry, the silver and blue - A another kind of caramel.

I rarely eat chocolate without coffee.

The chocolate that I made 10 days early. Dump meusli (granola), coconut, nuts, chocolate, etc in a pan and pour over a can of sweetened condensed milk. AAAAAWWWEEEESSSOOOMMMMEEE. It's like Pioneer Woman Cooks kinda sick.....

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  1. Did you leave your webpage to go into the drawing for the camera and printer? Coz I sure did *grin*

  2. Now this comment has nothing to do with chocolate, but i was thinking about you today and wondering. How do you feel about the possibility of having children in the future? Do you see you and dh trying anytime in the future? Or leaving up to God's discretion? Or preventing? Maybe I'm nosey, but I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on this.

  3. Hi Susie- I was just thinking of you today and remembering Joshua. I think it's the 15th already for you in NZ. Hope your doing ok today. How is Matt doing with the grieving process?

    PS. Could Oceana look anymore like Matt? Good Lord!! =)