Sunday, May 18, 2008

The good news - The bad news

The good news:

One load of laundry is clean and (most like) dry. It's still on the line.
One load of laundry is clean and wet (because I forgot to put it on the line until 3pm).
The dining room table is nearly visible. What is there is in (sorted) piles. Now I have to decide where they're going.
I have one article in the works - all necessary information has been found (oh yay for people who ACTUALLY update their websites) and an email for the rest of the info I want.
One article moved in the magazine. Not sure how I feel about it yet. We'll see if it stays there.
Living room/dining room/hallway/entryway vacuumed. Again. It was done yesterday. But... who knows what happened.
Scrubbed the evil spots on the carpet. Most of it is gone. I'll be putting some carpet cleaner on it later to see if that helps. Nothing a scrub brush, hot water and Palmolive can't handle. (PS. For all matters food - use Palmolive because it's designed to remove food and grease! Works on clothes too).
Dinner has been decided (if not completed).
Phone calls made for my half of the baby shower invite list (another shower, not the other one I mentioned). One more call to make, as the person was on the line the 3 times I called. She's a very popular Nana. :)
Showered. You Mommas know that's a feat in and of itself.
Discovered - and I'm not kidding - another cheque in a card from Joshua's funeral. How did I not check these envelopes???
And I say another because I discovered a cheque and a $20 note Saturday in two different cards.
Ate up some leftovers.
Drank far too much coffee.
Oceana took a nap. YAY!

The bad news:
The kitchen remains in its disarray. Darn it. Where's the Kitchen Fairy? Are there such things as paper pots and pans? Paper plates. Paper cups. Plastic forks. I need paper or plastic (disposable) pots and pans. I'll work on inventing that to support us in our missionary endeavors okay? Anyone else want them?
I ate ice cream during the day. Say hello to the never-leaving-post-partum-7-sticky-pounds.
Haven't gotten the zipper and sunblock I HAVE to get today to take to a friend that I'm loaning a camera to by the end of the evening (she leaves early tomorrow for the airport).
There is paper all over the floor from the paperwork that I sorted but did not throw away.
I'm still freaking out about the "thing" that's worrying me. But maybe a bit less than I was after an email from Bree.
It's 4pm. Which means the productivity for the day is beginning to dwindle. Oh well.

I tried.

I did better than I usually do.

I did better than I thought I would do.

I'm sure you don't really care. But you'll read it anyways. Hahaha. Everybody has these days.

Oh and my Gramma called - which was cool.


  1. Funny thing about all that housework, not matter how much you do, there is always something to is never done! I've learned to do the best that I can and don't sweat the small stuff. It will always be there waiting for me!

  2. Sounds like a pretty normal(but very productive) day... Bring on those disposable pots and pans! I'll be first in line to buy some!! Only because my kitchen fairy is seriously slacking! She hasn't showed up for work in pretty much... forever :) Seriously! Where's the work ethic these days!

    (saw you were online in facebook last night - almost IM-ed you but didn't. Perhaps another time :) )


  3. Hi Susie,

    You are doing good my friend, and you are one busy lady. I have many days like these too and I think it is a common FEMALE thing. I will be praying for fear that you mentioned going on right now. I don't know what it is but God does and He is faithful. Love you and have a peaceful day today.

    Love, Laurie in Ca.

  4. Sounds very productive! I am impressed :) Thanks for the Palmolive tip, I will definitely try that.

  5. Just had a conversation about this tonight...I use aluminum foil a lot in pans when I bake stuff - even chicken nuggets because when done I throw away the foil and the pan is clean!!! More than would be nice!!!