Friday, May 30, 2008

A few thank yous

We recently received a few packages in the mail, and while names may escape me (I'll try), I wanted to say some sincere Thank Yous.

Victoria: Thank you for the material and sewing patterns! Those colours and designs are gorgeous. I'm already scheming. I haven't started yet, but I'm sure the pictures will end up on the blog. Tank you so much for that!

Amanda: For sending the book. Verrrrry much appreciated. I've already read a lot of it, and I think it's the best option for us. Thanks again.

The family who sent us photo albums, crocs, t-shirt [its big still, but she'll wear it and we'll put photos up one of these days!], and a check toward Joshua's funeral expenses. Thank you so much, your name escapes me at the moment, but you know who you are.

Aunt Rose: For the beautiful photo frame and Joshua's pictures. It hangs above our bed. It's what I look at last at night.

Mom S: Thank you for sending the hair gel. It was so nice, and really great gel.

Nicci: Thank you for the hair dryer! I did have a laugh about the Mrs. B thing - quite funny. :)

My apologies if I forgot you, there's more to come.


Outta bed early, because my Gramma always call my mom at unearthly hours. I guess she assumed I get up like that too. (NO! Especially not Saturday when the baby's sleeping in). But I'm okay now. Hahaha. I hate having to answer "Did I wake you?" honestly. Oh well. I can say this because she doesn't have internet.

Plans for the day:
Shower. (I know, I'm so profound)
Straighten my hair. (So I can fall out of bed tomorrow morning and go straight to church - well, after getting dressed of course! Can't I just go to church in my jammies?)
Pick up toys.
Put away laundry.
Clean the kitchen. (I say kitchen, because it's simpler than explaining that we just may be running out of dishes)
Eat cake. (Part of the reason the kitchen is a mess. Matt (ON HIS OWN) made carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. I met a culinary artist... yummy.)
Put away the folded laundry that's not getting any closer to the dressers.
Maybe make curry (?).
Possibly take some pictures.
Possibly go car-looking. The car we're driving just might be on it's last legs. It was given to us, so that's great, but we wanna get something that doesn't have duct tape holding the bumper together. No. I'm not joking. Matt just sold his car that was in the US (We were saving it, in case we needed to go back), so we're finally able to go forth and buy. :)

Ok. Enough procrastinating. Xo!

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  1. I love my jammies... I wish it was appropriate church attire. Ü I think I hear better when I am comfy. (I sound like I am three years old.) The carrot cake you made sounds delish! Oh the life of a mother & homemaker.
    toodles, Sheila