Friday, May 16, 2008

A few shots from the week

Sunday afternoon. Hanging on the towel bar while I take pictures of my diffused hair.

Because that's what towel bars are for. Pulling out of the wall. Right? I did that once. My poor Dad had just put the towel bar back in the wall after repainting and I was in the bathroom giving Oceana a bath. I sat down on the floor to wait and I was largely pregnant... So I needed some help standing up. I didn't even think - reached up to grab the bar - and promptly yanked it out of the wall.

It was ok in the end because that bar was ugly and he got a new one. But oops anyways...

I was pleasantly surprised with how this one came out. Self portrait. Missed Oceana's face -see her hair?

Me with my tongue out. This is me concentrating. Haha.

Interesting day today. Had a meeting, so I didn't take Oceana to Mainly Music. I got there and did some other stuff, because our director (who the meeting was with) had to finish something for the major, major mailout. So Oceana did okay, held it together, but she was rambuctious at best. Then after the meeting I decided that she was doing okay, so I helped stuff envelopes for the mailout. Matt was going out (golfing with our pastor... hahaha) at 1pm, so I thought I'd stay there until he left and then go home. He went out and Oceana was playing with Samuel - another office kid. So I stayed a bit longer. Around 2:30 - 3:00 she started to lose it, so I packed up, went to find the keys and my stomach hit my feet. Matt had the keys. In his pocket. On the golfcourse. Who's where. Oh geez.

So I thought, well, I'll check again. No keys. Ok. So I thought I'll get the stroller out and walk home. It's like 30 minutes of powerwalking, so I'm definitely not doing it without a stroller. Especially a tired 2 year old who's needing a nap. And then I remembered. The trunk's broken and won't open with the lever by the seat - only with the key. AK! I tried half a dozen times, but no cigar. Ok. Fine. So I took the now freaking-out toddler into the director's office (he'd gone home to pick up his daughter from school) and tried to put her to sleep. Walking in the backyard of the office was too much (it's an old house that's been remodelled) because of the traffic. After a fair bit of fighting and tears she fell asleep on the floor, I covered her with Matt's sweatshirt and went back to work. I heard Zanda say to Samuel (5) that Oceana was asleep in Jesse's office, and I saw him heading that way. I headed him off at the pass and went back to work.

Then I heard tears about 30 minutes later. ARGH! I'm still not sure what happened. But she was awake. And angry. Crying, screaming, wimpering - the lot. I had called Matt to tell him he had the keys, but apparently you empty your pockets on the golfcourse(???). He never heard the phone. I called the church and asked the administrator for the pastor's number. But he'd emptied his pocket too. AK!

So anyways, I called Matt twice more, the last time he answered. I said, "Are you gonna come get me?" To which he said, "You've the car!" and I replied..., "Yeah, and you've got the keys!". Oooh.... wow. That conversation was over quick! Hehehe. He was on his way back, came and got us and we took our falling-apart daughter home. Once through Cinderella and some snacks and spaghetti later - we have a happy child back.

And Matti bought me coffee. :) All better. And I'm so proud of myself, I didn't lose it with her while she screamed and cried at the office full of people for an hour and a half.

I am SuperWoman! Now hand me the coffee and no one gets hurt.
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  1. Hahaha...funny story Susie:) I have locked my keys in the car, and locked myself out of the house a couple of times, and it is sooo frustrating :) Way to go SuperWoman!

  2. Wow, that's tough!! Maybe you could get an extra set of keys made, and leave them at the office "just in case"?

    Good job on keeping it together even with Oceana crying and having a fit - I know from experience how hard that can be, especially when you're somewhere you CAN'T leave. And it's good that Matt bought you coffee, too...guess he was maybe feeling a little guilty at leaving you stranded, even though it was unintentional!

  3. LOL- everyone in my house knows.... don't mess with mommy until she has had at LEAST one cup of coffee. Plus, the husband knows a coffee from Starbucks can get him out of almost any trouble. ;)

  4. You had quite the adventure! Oceana is getting so BIG!

  5. Ah, yes,'s a cold rainy day here in Pennsylvania and as soon as I got home from work I put on a full pot. Gonna do laundry, clean, and have my coffee.

  6. I have been following your blog since early february, I have never commented because I knew how busy you was with everything.
    I just want to say,I am glad that things seem to be going well for you and your family. I know you still have some painful moments and thats to be expected, its been 17 years since I lost my wee one from prematurity and I still have those moments.
    by the way, I love the hair, I to suffer from extreamly curly hair...ugh..I hate it. hugs to you from an Ohio mom.

  7. yay for coffee & such a loving husband! Susie, I wanted to tell you that I love reading your blog & how real you are! Praying for you especially today!


  8. I stumbled upon your blog tonight and have been sitting here reading until my eyes hurt... laughing, crying. What a sweet person you are. Your strength is absolutely inspiring. I'm so glad I found your blog. I normally don't blog surf, so I believe the Lord led me there.

    My husband is a Matt, too, so your Matt stories make me laugh.

    Angela (in Arkansas)