Thursday, May 15, 2008

An Evening

It was a different night than most.

Some things were the same. Oceana watched Shrek before dinner. She was grumpy from her nap.

I picked up Matt from work. I had walked this morning, then he drove over with Oceana and I took her home. Walking's not fun, but necessary for me. So I picked him up.

I made honey mustard chicken for dinner. That was good. The brown rice was good. The leftover-vege-stirfry was not. Ick. It got thrown out after we had all eaten one serving. That's why cabbage shouldn't be cooked after it's gone limp. If the cabbage is limp - you did a good job killing it. And don't disguise it with sauce. Apparently it doesn't work.

The dishes were done before 9:30pm. That's about as unusual as it gets. Seriously. I'm usually doing dishes was midnight. At least 10:30 or 11. Every night. I have a problem.

The floor got vacuumed after 8pm. Rare. Oceana goes to bed at 8, so I usually tell myself it will wake her up. Ha! I kid myself. That child sleeps through almost anything. Except Momma resting peacefully. Then she screams. But only on good nights of sleep. Never bad nights of sleep.
I emptied the vacuum cleaner bag. It's cloth. Ew. It was full. So was the filter. My hands still feel dry and icky. And to gross blogland out - I had to blow my nose to get.... leftover dust...out. Ew. As my mother, that's rare.

I tried to write a poem. About cleaning. And coffee. Because I'm a nerd. But at least Tarah will like me now. So far:

*What must I do to be clean?
*Questioned the procrastinating queen.

*For I find myself very frustrated
*For an ordered house I have waited.

*Very rarely the view greating....

That's all I got. To be continued...

I did work. Ok. Not entirely rare. But I did enough to make myself feel accomplished. Too bad I've got three 600-1100 word articles to write in two weeks. And a magazine to finish. Hmm....
I like my magazine with it's 200 word articles. I don't like our counterpart's that requires longer pieces. UGGGHHH. Last time I wrote something that long (besides a blog - which is not under duress) I was in university. And under threat of bad grades. I won't ask Mr. Barker to grade me... coz I won't be friends with him anymore if he does. AHhahaha. Good thing he doesn't read this blog. I hope. Don't tell him Havalah.

I didn't watch TV past 8:00. Amazing. But the hubby just went to bed and Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares is on. So... hehehe. On goes the TV.


  1. Hi Suzy
    Here is a helpful hint for your filter in your vacuum if you can take your filter out get an old nylon cut the legs off and stretch (don't stretch to much or more dust will get through the holes)the leg part over top of the filter that way you can take the nylon off the filter throw it out and just bang the little amount of dust out of the filter outside.(cut into smaller peices so you can do it several times my filter is long so I can get two filter covers out of one leg) Your filter lasts longer and less trouble cleaning it out. If you don't use nylons ask close friends or family to keep them when they get runs or small holes in them. Your not wearing them just going to be throwing them out. Than if you want you can use the top part to dust it picks up dust and holds it to the nylon.
    IF you have wood floors you can also put part of a nylon over top of the broom and sweep this also holds the dust to the nlyon.

  2. We're like dishes doing buddies! I am so glad to know there is someone else like me out there... I can't go to bed if my dishes aren't done (well, most nights, anyways) and I am so tired after the kids go to bed that I usually crash for a bit. That means I am standing at the sink at 10 or 11 (I've done midnight before too) with my hands in soapy water.
    But, it sure is nice to wake up to clean, clear counters! If we were in the same time zone we could do the dishes chat - I love talking on the phone when I am doing dishes because it distracts me - and then I'm done before I even know it. Unfortunately, not too many people are up at that time of night... Crazy people who go to bed at a normal hour....!!

    Could I blather on any longer about doing dishes at an entirely unreasonable hour? Yeah, probably but I won't :)


  3. Hi Susie,

    Just checking in on you and want to comment about the 2 month post with your picture. Joshua is definitely a momma's boy. He looks so much like you. I am thinking about you guys each day and asking God to get you through this new valley you walk. Asking Him to hold your hearts extra close to His. I love you guys.

    Laurie in Ca.

  4. Any news on Natalie?

    Praying for you as you near the time where Joshua's been gone longer than here.

    Stay strong and courageous!

  5. Hey Susie, I tried your stirfry idea last night. ie: putting an egg in, I did not add the soy sauce or ginger. I guess maybe I should have as while it tasted fine it's appearance was looked like something I would collect from a babies nappy for testing. Gross!!
    How do you maintain the "good" colour in your stirfry??

    You, Matt and Oceana sound like you are doing just fine. I love the photo's of you guys enjoying time with Oceana and remembering Joshua. Oceana will cherish these moments in years to come.
    Just keep doing what your doing.

    "Just keep swimming"

    May God bless you for your faithfulness, you really are an inspiration you know.

    Thinking of you,
    Love Rae

  6. I hate doing dishes too and wait till the last minute but I usually don't end up doing them that is one thing that seth almost always does (I love that man) I would do them at midnight but I MUST shower after I do dishes. I just feel so yucky and gross so unless I want to shower that late they don't get done - like tonight for example - i was going to try to do them but then i started reading blogs to delay it as long as possible and now it 1am - good thing seth said he'd do them in the morning (have I mentioned that I love that man?) anyways love the poem! can't wait to hear the rest of it.

    May God's grace be upon you,

    p.s. the last few post that you have done with links in them i couldn't get the links to work.