Monday, April 7, 2008

Yah, that's real

If I'd thought my husband might pull over for me to take a picture sooner, I'd have suggested it.

But I know better.

My husband asked [implied and expected is more like it] once (while 8 months pregnant) if I could wait until the "next town" to use the bathroom. In my mind that was 10 minutes down the road. 45 minutes later, after threatening more than a few times to pee on the seat, we finally found "the next town".

He ain't gonna stop for no stinking sunset.

Lucky though, we were getting to our destination a few minutes later. This is from the top deck of the M/V Pacific Link.
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  1. This is beautiful! I hope you'll come back for WWWAT now that you have your new camera!

  2. Yay! Welcome back. That is an AWESOME sunset. Are the low cloud fog over water?

    I'm glad you are settling in and that the ship send-off went well.

    What does your job entail when the ship is gone?

  3. Men really don't get it, do they? Adam asked me that once, and nrvr bothered to question the urgency again. *grin*

    That's a stunning photo, though. We get some pretty ones here, too, but I don't think we've had one that colour before.

  4. That was me... I pressed return instead of shift.

  5. That sunset is AMAZING! I am so happy to see you are back! Men don't get it when you have to pee you HAVE to pee ESP when u are 8 months pregnant!!!

  6. Beautiful unique picture! Are those Clouds on the bottom?