Thursday, April 24, 2008


1 - Downtown Napier
2 - Playgym, Taupo
3 - " "
4 - " "
5 - Taupo Gardens
6 - Looking at Lake Taupo
7 - " "
8 - Napier Bluff Lookout
9 - " "

Poor girl came down with a cold the morning we left. We've been dragging the kleenex with us everywhere. And I forgot the tylenol. I usually don't go anywhere overnight without it. Darn it. She had a small fever while we were out. But she's okay now. Just snuffly.
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  1. Welcome home! We missed you!

  2. Welcome home! I hope it was what it needed to be. These photos of Oceana are just precious.

  3. Hey!
    Your little girl is beautiful!! Pennsylvania any time soon :-( Love ya!

  4. It looks like you ad a fun trip. I hope it was relaxing and refreshing, and everything that you wanted and needed it to be. Thanks for posting all the pics. New Zealand is beautiful!!! And Oceana is sooo cute!

  5. I'm so glad you guys took some time out for you and enjoyed yourselves! That area is just beautiful, looks like you live in paradise!
    We missed you but understand you need your own life lol.

    Thanks for letting us into your intimate lives.
    Brenda (goddessbaby4 from babyfit)

  6. All the pictures are phenomenal! You guys are so blessed to have such a beautiful place to call home.

    I hope your time away was refreshing - sorry about Oceana! I hope she feels all better today, and you guys escape the cold too!


  7. Glad you all had a relaxing time. Just wanted to let you know I am still checking in and praying for you.
    Rachel in PA

  8. hey goose - love the green hoodie - good to see my bday pressie is being put to good use. Isnt time away just the fix for everything? love you
    oh yeah - and no more spazzing about clutter! I'd come do dishes for you if I could