Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Matt's been golfing a long time. He was on the golf team/in the golf club (not sure how that works) in high school. And he's passed it on. When we were expecting Oceana he said he wanted to name a baby Tiger and teach them to golf so they could "support me in my old age". AHAHAHA. I said the baby could be Tiger, but couldn't play golf. Or the baby could have another name and play golf. So she plays golf.

After 2 holes she started walking the ball up and setting it right there to start. :)

And then tried to "rake" it in.

So funny to watch!

Doing okay today. Slept well last night. On the couch - with the TV on and the lights on too. I'm such a heavy sleeper when I want to be.
Working on a puzzle today and taking my self-portrait for Wordless Wednesday With a Twist. I'll post them tomorrow. I'm quite happy with what I ended up with. And disgusted with a few. WOW! There really are bad angles on a woman's face! Sheez!
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  1. Oceana is my kind of golfer! Great pictures - and how cool is it when daddies play with their daughters?!?

  2. These are awesome pictures of Oceana and her daddy. I like where she puts the ball to start...smart girl. Ha ha. So glad that her name is Oceana and not Tiger. BTW her outfit is very cute.

  3. Love those pics. :)

    As for self-portraits, I'm ending up with FAR TOO MANY CHINS in many of my self-portraits. Granted, I DO weigh more than I ever have (140 at 5'4", but still slim-looking), but self-portraits are HARD, especially when hand-held.

    Just sayin'. :)