Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A few questions answered

i am alive. in case you were questioning that one.

its raining. not that you particularly care. but i put out laundry yesterday. it has now been rained on approximately 12 times. every time i think to bring it in and put through the spin cycle (again) it's pouring rain (again). i don't like getting wet.and it's not getting any wetter.

oceana pooped and peed on the rug yesterday. i know you didn't ask. but you would have, had you asked about potty-training. that's what happens when you think your child can be trusted without underwear for a few minutes.

how-to-do-that-collage-thing-of-oceana. get a gmail email address. download picasa from google/gmail - a photo program. its the easiest, moron-0riented picture program. if you have a blog (with blogger/blogspot) you can mark pictures, press "blog this" and voila - you have a post with pictures in it. you can also mark pictures and a press "collage" which takes you to three or four options for collage. that one of oceana is one option. another option was those pictures of easter sunrise over each other. pretty cool. it also offers simple changes (like i'd love photoshop, but this program is free, so that's just fine) like highlights, shadows, sharpening, sepia, b&w, etc. easy-peasy. and when you connect your card reader it pops up automatically for downloading.

i haven't been to the doctor, despite everyone's kind suggestions. not that it's out - just haven't thought all the way through it just yet. considering contacting a friend who's a counselor. don't know her phone number. doing the classic girl-second-guessing-myself-thing.

im ok. as in (are you okay? how are you doing?). i've been writing about joshua the last few days. just trying to chronologically get his story on paper. chronologically is essentially out the window at present. but it's the parts that i didn't blog that are essential. like when we found out, when his cele ruptured, and when he died.

on another thought:

there's this ad on tv every day now for wspa - world society for the protection of animals. and it irks me. not to start a riot here on my blog - but i eat meat and enjoy it heartily. but i hate this ad. it shows pictures of chimpanzees in cages, bears "dancing", dogs that are uncared for, a donkey limping (NZ'ers - i'm sure you've seen it!). and the commentators saying stuff like, without your help we can't keep this animals from being orphaned, used as circus sideshows, or beaten and uncared for.

while i don't condone neglect or abuse of animals - GIVE ME A BREAK! take out the animal names and put it this way. "Angelique lives in a cage. Her pimp keeps her there when she's not on the street", "Carlos dances and sings on the streets, begging for money", "Neila was orphaned, when her parents were brutally murdered in a genocide", "Jacob walks with a limp because he stepped on a landmine, left by guerillas".

it frustrates me that so much attention is given to animals, when there are children being trafficked - around the world - by greedy, evil people. it frustrates me that people who give "animals rights" are the same ones who would have aborted Joshua.

because a chimpanzee's life is worth more than my son's. right?


  1. Potty training. Yuck. All I can say is been there, done that and it can be horrible. Sometimes it felt like my world revolved around cleaning up excrement. Lovely. And sorry about the washing! How frustrating!

  2. Glad you're doing "okay." I'm sure "okay" means something different for you than it did a few months ago. {{{HUGS}}}

    As far as the animals go. I can see what you're saying. But, no one ever said animals were more important than humans. But, if we waited until everything was perfect with the human race, animals would continue to be neglected and mistreated - forever.

    And I'm a believer in their importance to us because of their importance to God when we instructed Noah to help him save them.


  3. Lots of different stuff in that post....

    That laundry stuff is the pits! We do have a dryer, but I remember last year I decided to try to save money on our gas bill by hanging laundry out - I did it about 3 times before I threw the towel in (the dryer...LOL) I hope it stays warm and sunny for you for a while so you can get some laundry done!!

    I had to laugh about Oceana peeing and pooping on the carpet - but only because yesterday my 1 year old peed on my freshly vacuumed rug (which was lying on top of my freshly mopped wood floor). Of course, they were only freshly clean because for some reason I had a burst of energy and decided to really clean the house. I got over it once the living room was clean...LOL

    It's good that you are getting down memories of Joshua, as they will unfortunately fade some over time. It may help you some with the grieving process, too. I think counseling is also a good idea, and remember, it's sometimes easier to tell a total stranger how you REALLY feel than it is to tell a friend or family member. I pray you'll be able to get whatever help you need.

    And WSPA - don't EVEN get me started on that stuff!!! I think PETA should stand for "People Eating Tasty Animals"!! Not that I think animals should be abused either, but you are SO right about the horrors that PEOPLE face every day, especially children. And they are as defenseless as animals at the hands of a cruel master! That stuff makes me mad, too.

    Keeping you in my prayers, Susie!!

  4. Hey Susie,
    I know I have never commented here before, but my name is Kara and I have been following your blog since just after Joshua was born. I am with you on the trafficking issue. I am appalled that this goes on in our world. I actually started a non-profit foundation working to prevent it and aid those who have survived.
    www.bethechangefoundation.org. I am SO sorry you are going through so much right now. I continue to hold you in prayer.
    Wishing you God's Peace,
    Kara in PA

  5. Your comments are so true...but if those people were put in the same situation, they would want the best for their child, and that is life. God Bless You, Susie, I hopoe you have a good day and that His peace and love would just envelope you today like the rays of sunshine after the rain.

  6. I worked in early intervention right out of college and we worked very close with social services. it tore my heart out to see what some kids go thru. a lot of us at work would often say that sometimes it seems more people care about the plight of a cow moreso then a child. i couldnt agree more with you thoughts.

    by the way I hope the sun comes out for you soon.

  7. AMEN, sista! [to those last three paragraphs] I wish it was raining here. I feel your pain with the poop and pee on the floor...been there done that, yep it's what Mothers do. Potty training isn't a happy time like the commericals on TV show.[I'm a BIG KID now!]Thanks for 'keepin' it real'! toodles, Sheila

  8. I'm a vegetarian and very passionate about animal rights (no I don't think meat eaters are "evil"-it's just my personal decision), and I would never in a million years have an abortion. That kind of hurt. I do think that all life is very precious, so yeah, it breaks my heart to hear about animal cruelty. That doesn't mean I think it's more important than human life. You don't have to publish this comment and I don't want to upset you, but that post kind of stung a little.

  9. You know what, don't you feel bad about venting like that. I have the same thoughts when I see that commercial. While I think that animals need protection from cruel people...give me a freakin' break. What about REAL children...the human kind? A man can kidnap a young girl for 10 months, rape her and destroy her innocence, but while this little girl (now a young lady) should be feeling as if justice was served....he sits in a mental hospital waiting year after year for the courts to deem him sane enough to stand trial. BULL!!! I can't believe they spent millions of dollars for those ads when they could have put the money to better use. Societies values are surely screwed.