Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More pictures

Flowers, pictures, and clothes at Joshua's service. This was beside the next table. My parents purchaed an arrangement with a lion - across the top was a banner that reads "Be strong and courageous". Beside it we put his lion sweater, his Dr Seuss hat, and his red rain boot[ie]s.

Matt's creativity. That's his hand and footpints in those round tins of the left. His hospital bracelets below that. Two big picture frames. A knick of a hand holding a baby on the right. And Joshua's Teddy Bear Guard at the front.

After such a stressful, emotional day - we had to let Oceana have some fun. We can't expect Oceana to put her 2-year-old-life on hold because we're sad. And it was a good outlet for us. Obviously Matt was sick of dress clothes by now.

What a beautiful day to say Goodbye to Joshua, huh?
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  1. beautiful and ya'll were doing just what Joshua would have wanted celebrating love.....the love of him and his sister and your precious family. You are a blessing to countless numbers of people.....and your blog has become a daily read for me because I am blessed by the Lord everytime I read it. You are an inspiration. And your family is beautiful. God bless you and know someone in Tennessee will be praying for you all daily!

  2. You and your family's strength amaze me, I know its totally god, and I stand amazed!

  3. I have so many thoughts running through my head right now. I don't even know what I'm going to write - but I'm just so encouraged and inspired by what God has done, is doing, and will do because of Joshua through you, Matt, Oceana, and others in your circle. Heck, maybe even through me.

    I LOVE your pictures. I especially love the ones you took of you all at the park after Joshua's funeral. Wow. LIFE - on the earth AND eternal.... is to be CELEBRATED!

  4. 7 posts, not sure where to leave my comment :) You are such a beautiful family, don't really need much guessing to decide why you were chosen to be Joshua's. You have done him proud in your farewells, just like you did when he was in your arms.

  5. What beautiful parents you are.

  6. Not a cloud in the sky! Joshua had a clear view of all of you.

    Oceana has been a little side-liner through all this. I never commented on the stunning photo you posted of her in your post about her eyes. She's a beautiful child.

    I believe that one of the best ways to honor the dead is to cherish life.

  7. It looks like it was a beautiful day but I dont believe you were saying goodbye to him, just saying 'see ya later.' At least thats how I look at it when I say goodbye to someone I know is walking the streets of gold with Jesus. It looks like it was a beautiful tribute to an amazing little man. My prayers are still with you and your family.

  8. Your arrangements and the blus flowers were PERFECT. What a gift for those to be made available at just the right time. So glad the weather was nice--much better for the soul than gray and rainy! You have run this race well--I can almost hear our Father whispering "well done" over your shoulders. Thinking of your family,
    Lori in VA, USA

  9. You are such wonderful parents :-) so many people would get lost in their grief and forget that Their little girl still needs that normalcy. Joshuas service looks beautiful and I think that it is so great that you were able to get the Delphiniums-they are perfect. Joshua would be so proud of everything you are doing :-)You are truly great people. And Im loving Matts Tattoo.Very nice. Thought Id throw it all in here rather than comment on each individual post.Take Care,