Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's Ours!

We got the house! She gave us an answer less than 24 hours after we saw it!
We'll sign paper this weekend, and we're going to take our first load of STUFF down when we sign the papers and get the keys!

This is the only picture on the website that advertised the house.

And it's mine. :) Wooohooo!

That's the front door, the laundry room door to the left, followed by the toilet(?) and the bathroom. on the right side there's the kitchen window and the dining room window. the top window will be (most likely) Oceana's. Our bedroom is opposite to that. See those funky eaves? FILLED with storage. The whole length of the house on both sides.

And the great thing?

Every time I give directions now it's gonna be "Left at the Bellevue roundabout, left on ______ and we're the house with the funky roof!

WOOHOO! We're moving this weekend!

AKKK! We're moving this weekend!
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  1. What great news! Congratulations!


  2. oh congrats, it looks lovely :) I hope moving is a straightforward process and you can get down to enjoying your new home really fast :)

  3. hi there
    well, you can't say you are wondering how to fill thetime you now have.Time? What's that? Soooooo pleased for you guys. The house looks good!
    al the best!

  4. Susie, that is one of the cutest houses I have ever seen. I'm sure you will be happy in it. Is it a nice price?

    Much love.

  5. How exciting!

    Is that style of house common in NZ? I have never seen one like that before in Australia.

  6. Congratulations!! I hope that moving goes well, and is as fast and painless as possible! :0

  7. Congratulations on the new house! I am so happy for you, and glad things worked out. It sounds wonderful! :)

  8. Susie,

    I am so happy for you!! Wow, that was such a quick answer to prayers. I hope you get a lot of people helping you move this weekend. With the way the time keeps flying by, you will be all settled in in no time at all. I love how your needs are being met.

    Love, Laurie in Ca.

  9. Yay! I'm so happy you found a place.


  10. Wonderful news!! Can't wait to see many happy pictures taken in your new place!
    Lori in VA

  11. thats AWESOME! I am so happy for you :). U deserve this house!!! Congrats, how exciting!

  12. I was praying for you to get the house last night. So glad that this worked out for you!

  13. Congrats on the house!

  14. Wonderful! I'm so glad you guys got it:) You deserve it. Doesn't it feel good to have your own place to call home? & thanks for the encouragement about our painting project. You should see the house Susie...the whole stinking place is COVERED in paneling. Very new, just very...brown:( Haha, oh well! The house was a steal & totally worth the investment. I'm sure you understand!

  15. What a beautiful house...even with the funky roof :) Im so glad God blessed you with the right house in a good area :P

  16. Great news on the house! That lady must have known that you guys needed to be given a break from stress and worry. Anyway, thank God that you have a place that you're excited about.

    I LOVE your "You should never's" and I feel the same way about leggins and long shirts. I'm a child of the 80's and I didn't want to relive them, but I find myself being drawn to that look. But like yourself, (well, sorta - my son is 6 months old) I am not looking fantastic in leggings. :)

    My own "You should never...." is this: You should never try on your pre-pregnancy pants until you are SURE they are going to fit. Like when you've lost a thousand pounds... maybe then you should try them on. But only then.

    I also like your one about Rikaela... I agree. You should never NOT hug and kiss a baby when you COULD.

    Tricia in Canada

  17. I had been hoping you would get that house...the one you had wanted. There is such favor on you guys. Continue on doing a good work. Love you.

  18. I've been praying and I am so excited for you! It seemed to have happened quick which with all that has gone on with you guys, I know that is a blessing. It's a cute house. Happy moving (what an oxymoron!)!

    Sandy M.
    Plano, TX

  19. WooHoo! That must be a load of your mind and something to be excited about. Prayers sure are answered fast sometimes!

  20. Congratulations!! I just knew you'd get the one you wanted! It is an adorable house & I hope you are all very happy there.

  21. congratulations..........that is awesome news....

    and I loved your should never's as well.

    Another should never.

    Never EVER turn your back on your 20 month old daughter and basket full of chocolate eggs......never! LOL