Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The first of [hopefully] many

I just took this from the Ruel Foundation site (See sidebar, below the map and counter). This is fully paid for just from the gifts made in Joshua's name yesterday. AWESOME! Thank you everyone! I'm assuming that the "Age" below is actually 13 days, not 13 years, judging by his photo and the birthdate.

Link to the actual page here.

Daym Villanueva

Gender: Male

Born: Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Age at First Meeting: 13

Home: Philippines

Medical Condition: Ilial Atresia (Intestinal Obstruction)

Travel Requirements:

Sponsorship required: $0 NZ (Convert) Sponsors: Surgery Completed? No.
Before Photo

Many thank to the Sams family for thinking of the Ruel Foundation at the time of the loss of their son, Joshua, and sponsoring Daym's life-saving surgery.


  1. your kind hearts amaze me. what a wonderful way to keep joshua's spirit alive.

  2. I've tried, but there are just no words I can find to do justice to what you have done here in Joshua's memory.

  3. OH!! Oh Susie... this right here? This is the most perfect thing. I can't even find the right words... If I knew you well enough I'd kiss your cheek... that's all I can think of doing to explain my feelings on this.

    You two amaze me.

  4. speechless! love, amazing love....I am speechless!

  5. What a way to serve your son and your God! >:0) That's awesome.