Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Day 66

Joshua had some cuddles with Daddy last night.
(Mommy went nuts coz Daddy's not much for photo-ops!)
We were afraid to go to sleep last night.
But he's still here this morning.
I stayed up to 2am and thought that since I was so worried I'd wake up
but I slept for 5 hours without flinching.
I was scared this morning to check on him.
But as you can see, he's still here.

The hat. Yep, the only person who commented on the hat was right.
That's his Dr. Seuss hat. My mum made the observation that he looks like he's wearing big Cat In The Hat type hats.
So she started working this. I finished it up because she was really busy and we were worried he wouldn't wear it.
And I made those booties - I guess boys can't wear ruby red slippers like Dorothy, but maybe they're Fireman Boots?
Anyways, this outfit - his Captain sleeper and Dr Seuss gear - is my favorite now. :)

On a yay note: Our camera came this morning. So my pictures should look really good later today...

We have a house showing (Ugh) this morning (in 59 minutes) and I haven't vacuumed, put away laundry, or done the last minute dash yet. So I have to go NOW!
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  1. Glad he's still here.

    Love the hat, noticed its likely origin, but didn't comment... sorry if you were hoping a lot of us would.

    Hope today goes o.k. Keep loving on Joshua. That's what he needs more than anything right now, but you know that.


  2. Hey Susie!
    He is too precious! I really enjoy all the pictures you post of him. I really loved your blog a few days ago. I think it serves as a reminder to not get hung up on the small things, but to be proud of all the little things our kids accomplish even if they are not in the situation beautiful baby Joshua is in. He's wonderful Susie! Love ya!

  3. Hi Susie! I didn't respond to your blog the other day, but I did want to let you know how much of an impact you have made on my life!
    I was raised Catholic but despite 12 years of private school tuition, I never really felt as if God was in my life.
    When I first read about your situation on Babyfit I began to pray for you and your family daily. I check your blog at least once a day. As I go through my own struggles with my 7 week old daughter, I remember how lucky I am to have a healthy, thriving baby, and I know I would not have the same appreciation for her without "knowing" Joshua. In many ways I feel guilty for benefiting from your situation
    I know you don't feel strong, but you are! Your strength has given me the courage to get through some tough times with Adele. I now feel God's presence in my life and am much better about thanking Him for the blessings He has given me.
    Sorry if my comment doesn't make much sense, it's hard for me to explain the change I have felt since Adele's birth, but I do want you know that I am sure your story has had a profound effect on my faith!

  4. Hi again Susie,
    I love those red boots! My little boy Charlie has red shoes at the moment, with flashing red lights in the heels, so we think Joshua's boots are very cool! We're still thinking of you all the time, and continue to remember you in our prayers. Take care now - hope you get some better sleep tonight. XXX
    PS It always tickles me when I read your posts from a day I haven't even started yet! We're still on the 12th here!

  5. Suzie,

    Like many others here, you don't know me - we live half a world away from each other. I've been following your family since Joshua was born 66 beautiful days ago. I just want you to know that you have impacted my life beyond what words can say - you've opened my eyes to the miracles that occur each and every day here on earth, and to the power that prayer can have. You've made me hug my 10-month old a bit tighter each day, and made me cherish each and every smile, laugh and sleepless night like it could be his last.

    Your family is beautiful, Oceana and Joshua are very blessed to have such a great mother who knows what a miracle truley is! God Bless!

    Nicole from Alberta, Canada

  6. Praising God that Joshua is still w/ us. I dread opening your blog, as you said, in fear that those few words will be posted. We'll never be prepared, NEVER. Even if we think we are, we're not. Praying for Joshua and thinking of you all. I love the hat!

  7. How sweet! I, too, love his Dr. Seuss stuff. I am praying for your precious little boy & I will pray that you can get some rest.

  8. You just amaze me. I don't know how else ot say it, but you've helped me look at life in a different way. And at 22! God is usuing Joshua's life in a powerful way.

  9. Hey Susie -

    So i was in one of my classes the other day and one of my classmates starts asking me if it's my sister with the blog about the Baby. Well sure enough she told me her Mom found your blog randomly and through your comments and links she discovered I went to Elim with her Daughter. anyways... all that to say.... I can't believe the amount of people that read this blog everyday! I know I must click into it at least ten times a day! I love that I've been able to stay updated and see what's going on even when I'm not there. I love you soo much! Give Joshua lots and lots of kisses for me!


  10. Daddy should do more photo ops .. they are fun and will be nice to put in lil mans book when you are ready to scrap ... love the dr seuss hat ... awesome awesome work!
    It is nice to visit and see him hit milestones!

  11. I just wanted you to know that I am praying for your family, that the God we know will surround you and hold you close.

  12. LOL! Of course his red booties are his fireman boots, or, rubber rain boots. Once little boys get their first boots, rain or shine they don't take them off.

    I like the pattern. Do you still have the link for it? I like how the foot is done and then changes for the heel.

    I can see by Joshua's posturing that his brain is under tremendous pressure now. I know that I'll open your blog any time now and read that he's gone back to Heavenly Father. Again, I'm praying for Joshua, that he not suffer, but pass gently into the hands of our Lord. I'm praying that Matt stays strong for the whole family and also shows his tenderness and has the support he needs. I pray that Oceana is feeling well and behaves as well as a little toddler can for you. I pray, especially for you, Susie, because you carried Joshua inside you and nourished him with your milk. He is a part of you like he cannot be with any other. Be careful as he eats less not become engorged so that you won't suffer physically.

    Susie, you are showing the world that death can be as natural and beautiful and graceful as birth. I'm so glad that Joshua is living his life to the fullest that he can. He's in his own home, safe and secure with his loving family. I feel a kinship with you, having cared for my grandmother in her last weeks, because we are blessed to be able to help our loved ones prepare to be received back into the hands of our Lord.

    I'd like to share with you a funny tidbit. My grandmother didn't want to take baths at the end because it was so difficult and she didn't want to be cold. She said to wash her in the bed, but this only went so far. After my aunty and I manage to help her have her first real bath since becoming dependent on us, I heard her praying that she was thankful for another day, that she expected to have been taken in the night because "no unclean thing can be in the presence of the Lord."

  13. Hey guys,
    Just got a call from Havalah. Know that you are continually in my prayers. May God's grace and mercy cover you during this time.


  14. I love his hat - Dr Seuss, and really only manly-men can wear ruby red boots!! What a sweet boy..

    I tripped upon your blog by complete accident today..but as we both know there are no accidents, which leads me to know I have to pray for your family for strength, for joy, for time, for miracles...

    Joshua 1:9
    Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go."

  15. I've following your story for several weeks now, but never commented. I just wanted you to know that a mom in Kansas is praying for you. May God give you peace and strength today and in the days to come.

  16. What a handsome picture of your two favorite men! So glad the camera arrived.

  17. I have a book with this quote on the cover...

    "Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."

    While Joshua's life will not be measured in years, his life and the time he has spent here on earth certainly has been a miracle... his milestones, leaps and bounds, and the impact he has had on his family's and strangers all over the world has been amazing!

    His story certainly has taken my breath away...

    Wishing you strength, comfort and peace during these difficult days to come - you are an AMAZING mother who has provided nothing but love of the highest power to your miracle son...

  18. so sweet. Im praying for you.
    What a Strong mamma.

  19. i have been sort of lurking, checking in occasionally to see how Joshua is doing, yet not wanting to know. i want you to know i am praying for you and your family, God is amazing, and i know he will give you strength, just know someone across the world is praying for you. i can't imagine going through life with the strength that you are, just know how amazing it is that you are able to write your story and show God's love to an amazing amount of people, what a testiment.

  20. Hi Matt and Susie,
    I really just wanted to tell you how inspirational you are! You're faith and courage are truly gems to be desired by all. I first heard of you and darling Oceana and sweet baby Josh through a friend.
    I listened as she passionately talked of you and your challenging family journey. She began to update me on a daily basis on your progress and learnings, and I soon found myself asking and looking forward to hearing about you. Later - I felt the need to ask for the blog address so I could read for myself! I find myself praying for Joshua and his caring parents - and for his darling sister.
    Even more so, I was astonished to learn your age - as you both seem much wiser and braver than your years.
    Your darling boy is a miracle for sure! He has touched so many lives other than just the ones close by - all around the world - in fact. We all stand behind you in support and in awe of your strength, and devoted love for your baby. He has taught many lessons in his days so far. No matter how long or short his life is what a precious gift he is to us all. God Bless. xxoo

  21. Another breath, another day, another miracle. And a tooth! Wow, a bonus. How cool is that!?!

    God's amazing peace be with you!

  22. hi there
    while checking in we just got a text from Margo. Our thoughts are with you
    Love Kath

  23. LOVE the hat! I just noticed the counter you have on your page - holy cow! Over 27,000 hits. So many people are thinking and praying for your little family - including me.

    Bellingham, WA