Sunday, March 2, 2008

Day 56

Anybody want a slurpee?

Because Joshua Matthew Sams is...

That's right ladies and gentlemen! Joshua's 7lbs, 11oz. Another 7 ounces in 6 days. So that's 14 ounces in less than two weeks. Yay for him! Woohoo! That's actually over a pound in 3 weeks. He's growing!

He's doing well this morning. Eating again already. Pretty average day here, working on some office stuff, doing some newsletter stuff, figuring out what's ACTUALLY wrong with the camera, etc. Our friends Bryce, Christina, and Miles are (or should be) at the airport getting ready to fly to New Zealand this evening. Yay! They'll be here Wednesday (Tuesday for you). We're getting excited about their arrival. And I'm getting panicky about cleaning. Haha. Only because my mom packed all weekend, so the house is in shambles now. It WAS clean on Friday. But that was 3 days ago. Haha.

Hope all is well for you. Please pray for "prompt response" from a Dr. Schullinger we've contacted. I won't divulge the information and what we've asked him. But we'd like you pray with us for the quick reply. Thank you!

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  1. ok. I read your blog constantly and never post. but I just had to thank you for making me crave a slurpee when there are no 7-11s where I live. thanks

    Elisha - Canada

  2. That is great news about Joshua growing even more! :) I am continuing to keep you and your family in my prayers.

  3. Prayers for you and Joshua, He is getting BIG! He has such a sweet face. I hope you get your camera fixed/new camera soon!

    And hurry up dr get back to Susia and Matt soon with GOOD news!!!!!!!!

  4. Awesome !!! Pray for the Taylors....Miles was sick today before they left was all coming up !!! mom Dietrich

  5. Dear Susie,
    I don't know you and I am not sure how I found your blog but I check it and this is the first time I have commented. I think of your little Joshua often and keep you all in my prayers. I read an article awhile back before I found your blog and the Lord just keeps putting it on my heart. I had gotten rid of the magazine but finally found the article online. I am attaching a link here.;jsessionid=0FBTI3VKNBEKRQFIBQNSCAQ?page=3&storyid=/templatedata/parents/story/data/1171997145526.xml
    I have no idea if this doctor could be of any help to you or the doctors that you see in New Zealand, I just know that the Lord keeps reminding me of it and I feel I should pass it on to you for some reason.
    Anyway, know that you and your family and especially little Joshua are being prayed for a world away in Oregon.

  6. So glad to hear he's gaining so well! How very exciting!

    I will be praying about the doctor as well.

    Lots of Love,


  7. thinkin of you guys everyday!

  8. So glad Joshua is growing!!! I know you must feel some sense of relief with that seemingly taken care of. Now, if this doctor you contacted will get back with you ASAP with good news, that would be spectacular!!

    Keeping you in my prayers...

  9. Susie! I'm so excited that Joshua is growing! My church has been praying everynight for you guys!!


  10. Praying for God to open Dr. S ears ans eyes to your situation and to respond to your request soon.
    Rachel in PA

  11. Susie: Just looked at the Day 55 photo and Joshua's arm almost looks CHUNKY!!! Yeah!!! Tell him to keep up the good work! And give him a kiss in my favorite spot on my grandbabies - right below the ear in the crease of their neck! Keeping you all in my prayers.
    Jan from Texas

  12. out of curiosity.... do you guys still have the camera mom and dad gave you?? Our old one? just an idea. I'm sure if it worked you'd be using it but i thought I'd ask. Love ya!


  13. I check on you guys daily, today is the first time I commented. Your family and story amaze me, as it does many others.
    I am so happy for you guys that Joshua is growing and you are so creative. At first I was like a slurpee, what the heck??? But it was super intriguing and I loved it.