Wednesday, March 19, 2008

"Be Strong. Be Courageous"

His elbow is at the top of the photo, wrist to the bottom. The JMS runs on the inside of the arm. The phrase runs in a band around his arm.

**Edited to add: The language is Maori. Maori are the indigenous people of New Zealand. To be completely correct, they're Polynesian and around 1000AD they took canoes (!!!) from Polynesia to New Zealand. Must've been some big-butt canoes! Maori look similar to indigenous Hawaiians.

**Edited again to add: The meaning is the title line "Be Strong. Be Courageous." This is exactly how it is written in the Maori translation of the Bible in the first portion of Joshua 1:9 which says, "Have I not commanded you, be strong and courageous."
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  1. OOooooh, that just gives me MAJOR GOOSEBUMPS!!!! (As have all of your recent posts...WOW what an impact Joshua made and IS making.) Sweet tattoo, sweet daddy, sweet Joshua.

  2. I love the tattoo. I've been looking for a design to symbolize my children with no luck. I love what he picked for Joshua.

  3. I love it.

    Make me want to go get mine.

  4. That's awesome! What language is the horizontal phrase in? (I'm assuming it means what you posted as the blog title?)

  5. That's just great. A wonderful constant reminder, without being generic of memorial tattoo's. It is uniquely Joshua's. (I look forward to your e-mail, by the way *smile*)

  6. Oh bother... I didn't put in the correct url link on my comment, sorry!

  7. I have been playing catch up on your story here. Your son was such a miracle as you already know:)
    it sounds like you and matt are handling things well, but I am sure thats just on the surface. I know the pain of loosing a child all to well. I am so glad you had so much precious time with Joshua, that was a true gift in it self.
    hugs to you and yours from Ohio,US

  8. Very personal question: What does the Maori saying say/mean? The fact you are in New Zealand ministering to/with/among the Maori and would use their language to commemorate Joshua is so touching. God's hand is so visible in your situation. New Zealand was blessed to have such a brave boy be able to count it as his birthplace.
    We are continuing to pray you find comfort and solace in your Heavenly Father's lap when ever the world seems to be pushing in too close.

  9. What a beautiful way to honor Joshua. It left me breathless. My son was very sick at birth, but by God's grace he (and the rest of us) made it through. I know that if we had lost Gideon, that would be my husband's arm as well with his name etched on it.

    Thank you for opening your family up to the world. God has used you as an inspiration to me, to open my heart and to REALLY trust in God and not myself.

    You and your family continue to be in my prayers.

    Sonya (IL-USA)

  10. I really love this tattoo. What a meaningful tribute to Joshua!

  11. I am praying for your family and just wanted to thank you for giving to the Ruel Foundation. I am a missionary to the Philippines. I did not know about the Ruel Foundation until just now, but the children of that country are so dear to my heart. Your helping little Daym just really touched my heart.
    Serving Him,

  12. Hi Susie,
    I just wanted to drop you another line and say hi, and to tell you that you, Matt, Oceana and the rest of your family have been in our thoughts and prayers so much. With much love XXX

  13. Hi Susie,
    We are friends of Seth & Tarah.
    We've been away the past week, so I'm just catching up on the blogs I read, yours included. Your post on Joshua's promotion was the last one I read before we left. You & Matt have been in our prayers every day, ever since Seth asked us to pray with you for Joshua, before he was born.
    I just want you to know we will continue to lift you up, as God carries you through this season.
    I love Matt's tattoo, it's perfect! It reminds me of Seth's tattoo, with Gideon's footprints.
    -Lori & Jeff