Sunday, March 23, 2008

Another precious pumpkin in Heaven

Eva Janette (from my sidebar) went HOME to be with Jesus after 5+ precious days with her Mommy, Daddy, brother, and sister. As I wrote to Chrissy - Heaven's nursery is sadly full.

Shoot up some prayers blogland. It's a rough road.


  1. I just read this on their blog. I'm so sorry for their loss, and so glad for the 5-plus days they had.

    Thinking of you today, too...

  2. Susie-
    Just wanted to let you know I am still praying for you guys. Also praying that God gives you a place to move into soon. Thanks for continuing to be so honest with us and sharing your heart and answering such personal questions.
    PS I also read Eva's blog (actually that is how I found your blog) and am sad for her sweet family but rejoicing that she is healed and enjoying heaven on such a special day with your sweet Joshua too.
    Praying in PA

  3. I've followed Eva's short life, too, and as I've read the blogs of families whose babies died due to T-18 or something else, like Joshua's 'cele, it occurred to me that all these blogs are Christain families. I can't help but wonder if there is a high termination rate among non-Christian families when faced with a child who is not physically perfect.

    I'm particularly alarmed because I know that in one case, a family was told their child had Down's Syndrome and they terminated what turned out to be a perfectly healthy baby. They murdered their healthy child, basically.

    One the other hand, a family I know where the child was supposed to have Down's Syndrome, was carried to term and was perfectly healthy. This family was Christian, I'm not sure about the other family.

    Susie, I love how you put it in one of your early posts. It's not our place to take life. That is the sacred territory of God.

    This said, however, I honestly don't know what I'd do if faced with one type of disorder I've learned about. It's a condition where the baby's bones are so brittle that they break while the baby is still in the womb. The baby feels the pain of each fracture in the womb, too, and is suffering. It's the most severe type of the brittle bone disorders. A baby born with this condition is crushed by birth. I hate to admit it, because it goes against everything I believe as a Christian, but this is the ONLY thing I've ever heard about that made me think that I would consider a termination because of the baby's suffering.

    Realistically, I know that these decisions can only be made once one is in the situation. I also know that when faced with difficult situations, we can receive divine guidance so the decisions are not being made alone.

    Life is a miracle, part of God's divine plan for us. I hope that I'll have the strength and wisdom and faith to allow God to do His work at all time, in all situations and that I'll never act without His approval, no matter what.

    Happy Easter!

  4. Susie: Praying.

    Karen in TN

  5. My four year old believes that our baby girl, Miller Grace - who was born nine months ago today and went home to Jesus five days, eight hours, and forty eight minutes later, shares a cloud bed with all the babies that are there in Heaven with her. It's a bittersweet feeling to know so many of the faces and names of little ones in that "cloud bed" tonight. But I praise God and rejoice in my heart to know that my daughter has such awesome little friends as Joshua and Eva. Thank you for letting me catch a glimpse of your boy before he joined her on the dance floor of Heaven.

    Cling to Psalm 139.