Tuesday, February 5, 2008

When friends become family

Our life together has been one huge rollercoaster thus far. We've never been "normal", we've never had a "down time". We were dating, engaged, married, and pregnant within one year. We had Oceana 18 months after we started hanging out together. We moved to New Zealand before our first anniversary. We were youth pastors and working with another ministry pretty quickly. Then we found out about Joshua, went to our DTS, ... and now we're here.

Let me show you a bit of what has kept us going. It's our friends who have become family....

Our youth group.

Keith & Peka W. (youth group parents)

Cliff, Naomi, Hannah, Ainsley, Mallory, and Carl P.

Bryce, Christina, Miles, and Lil' ? T.

Roy, Pam, Christopher, Tyffani, and Faith S.

Josh, Danielle, and Samuel T.

What amazes me is that some of these people don't know each other. If we all knew each other, we'd have some butt-kicking BBQs together! These people are family to us. And like it or not, they're stuck with us. I can't tell you how encouraging their emails are, their phone calls, and the prayers I know they pray for us.

Cliff - someday can we be your youth pastors?
Danielle - I'm sorry but we're not coming back
Bryce & Christina - can't wait to see you!
Roy & Pam - thank you for all your behind-the-scenes prayer. We know its there.

And to our youth group - you guys are so much fun! And you have been our weekend fun for a long time now!

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  1. what a beautiful family! =)

    I've got benjamin in my arms, so pardon the grammar. as we (ben and i) were looking in on you today, ben looked at josh's pics, smiled and cooed. it made me laugh and cry. I hope you get to see your baby's beautiful smile. ben will be 3 months on friday.

    in my prayers as always!


  2. I'm glad that Joshua was given the antibiotics, even if it was just to "make him comfortable." PTL for such a wonderful doctor and nurse in Joshua's life! I will pray that his leaking stops and that the infection is healed quickly. You're in our prayers! ~Kelley

  3. I wish there was something I could do to help your little boy I hope everything is going alright with your family and i will pray for you

  4. I don't think you realize what an honor it is to be considered family. You definitely have that right. We are family. Secondly I can't believe my picture is on the same page as that handsome devil from NZ now in VA, BRYCE!!! What's Up? One question though. You know you can work with us anytime, but do we have to fly to NZ to work together? You know I don't like the Milk Cartons with wing idea (airplanes). We love you guys!!


  5. All your families are beautiful. We appreciate them all. I've had the privilege of meeting most of them except Christina and her family. She called after you had already gone back to NZ last summer. I think that's a great idea...maybe we can get them all together for a picnic next time you come to visit :)

  6. Christina, Bryce, Miles and Lil'TFebruary 6, 2008 at 10:27 AM

    aww, when i read this, a ity bity tear came to my eye... haha, sometimes i had wondered if i was a freaky person that just came out of an "akward" situation and decided that "we were gonna be friends!" haha, but i thought it was a bit more... still to this day people think its crazy when i tell them you are one of my closest friends, i just tell them: "c'mon man, isnt it so awesome!" haha, yeahhhh, so now its great to know that we all agree we are most defenitly family. Soo, like no joke, when is that awesome BBQ????!!!!!