Tuesday, February 5, 2008

??? Questions ??? 7

**How many kids do we want?**

Um. Well, when we were dating we agreed that 6 children was a good plan. Then the MOMENT we were pregnant Matt decided maybe 1 was just fine. I was still in the 6 camp. After we found out about Joshua (and Matt adjusted) he said 2 was good. I was still in the 6 camp. Then we found out about Joshua's situation and we both sort of let that whole conversation take a back seat. I think... 5 or 6 is a good plan... but we're really nervous to try again. There's no particular reason to think this would happen again. But there's always a risk - in fact my risk of having another child with an encephalocele is 10x higher than the average woman. It's not genetic, but I guess folic acid/folate deficiencies would stay with a person, potentially causing it again.

I think we'll have more, but we'll probably go one at a time now. I have no idea. Matt's from a family of 2, I'm from 4. I like lots of sibilings, I always thought kids came out "better in bigger batches". Haha.


  1. We're in the same boat! LOL! I wanted 6, he wanted 2, we agreed on 4...then after I got prego with this last one, and we found out it was a girl, he said he wants to be done! I'm still in the 6 boat as you put it, and he's talking about a V, so I guess we will just have to see where God leads us!! =)

  2. Okay, so hype up the folic acid intake and have the triplets as the 'last pregnancy' is your plan?
    Sorry, feeling rather giddy this afternoon! I turned the heel on a sock. Only another knitter would understand that feeling right?

  3. To start with folic acid 3 months before pregnancy is enough. Plus you can use some vitamines & minerals suplementes.

  4. Your fear is normal. As irrational as it may be... it's to be expected. I know that God woll continue to give you all the strength you need to walk whatever path lies ahead of you. Just remember not to let fear control your life. It's one thing to be afraid...it's another to be crippled BY fear.

    Love ya lots!


  5. Same here...I wanted 6 he wanted 2, I came from a family of 6, he came from a family of 2 We decided to go one at a time! We have three but would like one more, God willing!!! I say take it one at a time and trust God and see what He does!!! The Lord has changed Roy's heart one kid at a time - LOL!!!


  6. We've always said we want a house full. How many is that? I guess it depends on the house.

    Your fear is normal. Like others have said don't let it control you.

    Jericho had and booboo on her head the other day. I didn't know where it came from and for a little while I was convinced we were going to find out that she had a tumor or something crazy and she was going to die too. I was in tears thinking about it. I know it was because of my fears of losing another child.

    It's not easy but we have to figure out how to trust God not only with our thoughts and our bodies (why they have problems when we get pregnant) but also with our children.


  7. My first baby had severe anencephaly. He didn't make it through the second trimester. We were terrified to try again, but just 6 months later we were expecting again. Now we have 4 healthy children. I wanted 6 and hubby wanted 1 so we compromised. lol
    "better in bigger batches" I couldn't agree more!

  8. People asked me when I was pregnant with Eliza if my pregnancy was planned. What a question, huh!!! I think they figured we had a boy and a girl, what more could we ask for!

    Before I had Eve Daniel and I had talked about a van full.Daniel was talking about THE van, not some little minivan. ;) After I had Eve Daniel told me that "one was good!". Now, we have three. If our kids would only stop growing up then maybe I would stop having babies! :) We're taking them one at a time, with an open heart.

    I just know God will guide and direct you in this area. He loves children and He loves you!