Friday, February 15, 2008

sorry its been a while

Hi Everybody! I'm Susie's little sister Havalah. She asked me to update for her while she was out of town. I dont have anything new to tell you except that Susie's trying to feed Joshua every 2 -3 hours so he can gain weight. He's doing well. If I hear anything new, I will update again. thanks for reading.

*Please pray that he will be able to gain weight this week!


  1. Susie, I know you're out of town, but I tagged you (sorry) on my blog...something to do when you get!!

    Praying daily for you guys!

  2. Thank you for the update :)


  3. We miss you, Susie, Matt, Oceana & Joshua. Hope you have a good weekend! Love you, Mom