Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Day 38

Joshua's good this morning. His dressings went for two days and didn't wet all the bandages - so that's good. Pray for me this weekend, I'll have to change his dressings. I'm pretty confident, but it's the first time I'll have to do it.
I'm trying to feed him every 3 hrs, except at night when he sleeps through. And I'm taking some formula with me so that I can feed him more often if I need to. I don't like formula normally - but I just want him to gain some weight! Some extra calories won't hurt him! :)
Thanks for all your reassuring comments this morning. You're wonderful. :)
I'm off to finish the rest of the stuff - I can't think of something to do - which means I've forgotten somethign. I'm positive! :) Xo - Susie


  1. susie,
    Joshua will be in my prayers thathe gains weight quickly that your nurse will be proud. I will also keep you in my prayers for your safe travel and that you guys enjoy the weekend!


  2. I wanted to introduce myself! My name is Jenni and I'm 23 with two babies that are pretty close to your babies ages apart. I have a 2 yo and a 1 yo that are 17 months apart. I think everything in this blog is so perfect. It's so touching to me to read it because you and I have a lot in common (including baking and disney movies like cinderlla and little mermaid for starters!) and you are doing such an amazing job. My heroes are always people that make the best out of their circumstances and you are the shining example of that, girl.
    Know that I read your wonderful story every day. Your children are gorgeous. You are a great example of a real Mother...even down to the TV after 6:30 with no apologies...oh man that is SO my hubby and I! Anyway! Ramble, ramble. I read this every day and every day I pray for you and your family. You're doing awesome, keep up the good work. And your son is a real solider!

  3. Susie,
    Have a Happy Valentine's Day with the ones you love!! I hope that the next few days go very smoothly for you with the kids and you guys being away from home. Good luck with the breast feeding too! It's a journey that's for sure..Sending good thoughts your way!
    :) Hilary

  4. I just have to say that the picture of Joshua smiling is the most adorable thing ever!

  5. hey Matt & Susie

    Really loving being able to read up about your journey as a family :) Cate tells me heaps but its nice to be able to read it straight from you :D

    haha looking forward to meeting you all one day :)

    I hope you had a great valentines day yesterday!

  6. OK, praying for peace, strength, and for all to go very well indeed while you are away...& if you forgot something, God will provide! He's good at that, yes? ;-) Lord, we thank You that all our times are in Your capable hands--strengthen Joshua and let him thrive we ask in Jesus' name...