Monday, February 11, 2008

??? Questions ??? 8

*What happens as Joshua grows older and moves? What about the doctors reconstructing a skull?
Part of that question is answered here.

In terms of the doctors reconstructing a skull: I say all the time to people, "I think we're expecting a little more of the medical community than they can give." We have not been presented with such an option. It's never been mentioned. It's never been intimated. I don't think it's possible. That was my initial thought when we discovered Joshua's diagnosis. In fact, I said on more than one occasion: "Can't they just open his head, put the brain back in, and close it up???" But it's more than that. And in terms of reconstructing a skull... it may be possible. But the brain tissue is what the radiologist and neonatologist called, "Bad brain tissue". It's all there - but it's not doing it's job (apparently). All the things he's doing are brain stem and cerebellum activities. It's his cerebrum that's in the sack, not the brain stem or cerebellum. Cerebrum does stuff that he'll develop into - maybe...
There's no telling if he's using that part of his brain. There's also the issue of fluid pathways. Because his brain hasn't grown under it's ideal conditions (under pressure inside the skull) the cerebral spinal fluid pathways most likely did not grow properly. This means that even if they put his "brain back in" it would create more problems because the fluid won't flow right, the brain might not connect right. I described it - a while back - that his brain is like an egg. If you boil an egg you've got a shell, a white, and a yolk. If you crack it open and scramble it - you have just that - scrambled egg. Joshua's brain has most likely grown that way.

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  1. Susie,

    Oceana and Joshua are beautiful, and so is your attitude.

    Praying for you in Tennessee.