Monday, February 11, 2008


Today was CD DAY. Compact disc? No. Certificate of deposit? No.

No, today was cloth diaper day. On my mommies internet club CD is the abbreviation for cloth diapers. And whyyyyyy was today CD Day? Because we ran out of diapers this morning. Both packs. And Daddy was gone. With the only car.

I've done cloth diapers before. I have all the gear. It doesn't bother me. But it was ironic that we ran out of both packs within 10 minutes of each other. CDing a newborn is a whole different ballgame to the toddler! I had to fold it in half and down a 1/3 again. Teeny bottom! And that's why his diaper looks like it's falling off. Because it was. Good thing he's not moving around!

Oceana fell asleep like this. I'm sure that's her daddy's's certainly not mine. I don't think I can look that relaxed...even if I try!

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  1. She looks absolutely beautiful laying there! And his little tongue is so cute! Thank you so much for sharing these moments with the rest of us. Keep up hope.

  2. I'm using CD's on Benjamin too (most of the time). I'm actually looking into increasing my "stash." I'm looking into the fancy one size diapers right now on E-Bay.

    Oce definitely looks like her father! LOL. It must be a guy thing (so then how is it SHE can do it?). Kids can sleep anywhere too! You have a beautiful family.

    Love you lots,


  3. LOL - You make me sound crazy for CDing on purpose! Love checking in on you and your babes everyday. Prayers for all of you,

  4. Your family is beautiful and I'm amazed at how God is working in your lives!
    My question however is how to deal with Joshua when he starts to move around? I have no doubt that God is a miracle working God and anything is possible so... if he was to get old enough could a dr not rebuild a skull to accomodate his cele?

  5. Susie, you have the cutest babies!

  6. Cute pics - your little Joshua looks so tiny in his seat!

    Wow, cloth diapers - the only thing I've ever used those for is burp cloths! My sister did the CD thing for quite a while, but she had a service that came to pick up the soiled ones and drop off clean ones. (Wouldn't really want that job, I don't think!)

  7. Oceana is looking so very long!!!

  8. Oceana looks so peaceful and precious in that pose!!


  9. That is a perfect pic of Oceana. She looks just like she fell asleep watching a ball game - definitely a talent received from a Daddy!

  10. Since I've been taking a blogging break I haven't been reading many blogs either. I've just been quickly checking in to make sure Joshua is ok and look at the pictures (but today I got to catch up on my reading). This picture of Oceana is so stinking cute!