Friday, February 22, 2008

Pics 1

Like I wrote a month or so ago - our internet download limit goes by month. We get 10 gigs upload/download and then when it runs over we have to purchase additional gigs. So we try out best to stay below 10. We've only gone over once. And I was delighted to get online tonight and find that we have 3.5 gigs to use in 2 days (when it rolls over, the gigs don't accumulate...darn it). So I'm gonna use them up by loading up pictures and videos and whatever else I can do. I'll be watching YouTube (the no-no for download limit...ik).One of Mom Sams' pictures when she came to meet Joshua. Anyone wanna know the major difference between this picture and the ones below? 35 or 40 pounds. Yeah. My husband decided to be healthy (Yeah, Mr Pizza and Wings got healthy! Figure that!) last April. And he's still losing weight. Darn him. I thought I'd be "safe" once I had Joshua (since his weight was getting dangerously close to my number...) and then he went and kept on losing... so that him number is creeping in on mine again. One of my reasons for forcing myself to run the other. One of the reasons I'm now dreading tomorrow (running again) because my legs haven't hurt this much since... well since the last time I ran!

Difficult to see - but oh well. The left photo is from December 04 at Hershey Park. We went to Chocolate World (the free part) with Adam L and Beki G (who are now Mr and Mrs L). Matt's wearing his signature color - baby blue. His nickname in college was Baby Blue because it appeared he owned nothing but. The right picture is from our school's yearly banquet. We were juniors and about one week into our engagement. I was the head of the decorating committee and the finance committee. Remind me to never be that involved again! Ak! Who knows why Matt asked me to marry him that month - I was totally stressed and probably a completely pain in the butt. Ha. And I bought that dress for $15 off a clearance rack the year before (knowing I'd need a dress the next year). Little did I know that I'd be engaged when I wore it - sparking all sorts of jokes about my white (gold and ivory really) dress.

This is taken in the EBI chapel during the 2004 Christmas Talent Show. My hair looks wet because I had just finished washing it. Why you ask? Because earlier in the Talent Show I was in a Brady Bunch knock-off called "Fro-y Bunch". A bunch of us "blessed" curly-haired people did a version of the BB song about Afros. We teased our hair up and looked horrendous. I couldn't stand it any longer. So after our number I ran back to my room and slicked it down for the rest of the show. Haha. I went nuts to do the afro though - hairdryer, comb, and hairspray. Matt sat and watched me. And laughed.
Matt and I before we were dating. You wouldn't believe it would you? See my hands keeping his hands company? Ha. I bought him that sweatshirt the first Christmas we were friends/dating - what else do you get a guy that you sorta-kinda-like? Ugh. I degrated myself and bought him a Philadelphia Eagles sweatshirt. I'm a born-and-raised Patriots fan. And no, I'm not on the Patriots bandwagon. We (the Mears) were fans LOOONG before they were any good. And I do underline ANY. That picture's from January 2005 (I was 20, Matt was 22) - in the Springfield Mass mall. I had just picked up those glasses - my first full day in glasses. I never had eye problems until I got to college and started reading all the time. Suddenly I couldn't figure out who people were from across the cafeteria. Then I started noticing I had trouble driving at night. <---- if this ever happens to you and you DON'T want to land in the eye doc's office - don't tell your mother. Ha. She refused to let me have my car back. Matt had to drive me home from Thanksgiving break. I had leave my car in Vermont until I got glasses. Blah.
One of our wedding pictures. That's my bridesmaid/junior year roommate Lindsey on the left. And my sister Melody's arm. Haha. Tyffani and Katrina are the cutie-pie flower girls. And Christopher the ringerbearer (turned bathroom-door-locker-and-hider 5 minutes before the ceremony). Best man Roy is on Matt's right. All my wedding pictures are backed up on the external hard drive. I find it easier to take pictures of the paper photos I have, than getting out the US plug external and converter box. I'm a moron, I know.

Oceana and Eli in the MM playhouse. Eli's dad works for a company that needs big equiptment. It comes in ENORMOUS boxes that Margo and Tim commandeer and make big playhouses out of. That lid comes off and the house folds up - a collapsable playhouse. Sign me up!

Fiddling with a bad photo. Still bad. Oh well.

She looks like she's singing opera. She was probably yelling at Eli.

Laxing out in his chair.
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  1. susie - just a quick little story - I was reading your blog & had Austin on my lap, just chillin & being quiet and when I scrolled down to the picture of Joshua Austin started making noise and cooing like he was trying to talk to him or something it was cute - maybe he was praying or saying hi! maybe they knew each other before God spoke them into existance into our wombs! it was so cool

  2. Ok first off Beki G, Steph's sister? Which she is now married to Van H? hee hee...we still see them once in awhile...I saw them at Van and Steph's wedding last year:) Ok, second...seeing you are oroginally from NH, it is obvious that you are a Patriot's fan...LOL :) My whole in law side of the family roots Patriots every year:)
    and third...hee hee....Elim days...I remember meeting you for the 1st time at Hope Caleb insists I met ya'll at memory is great..NOT!
    4th--- yah after reading small print in college...that will do your eyes in...I am using reading glasses already and have a few more years left! ugh! lol
    5th----You still totally look great after having two kids!! I wish I looked as good as you(so jealous! lol) and have two gorgeous in the genes! :)

  3. oooh, that skirt you made for Oceana is so cute!!!!

  4. In Regards to the First picture:

    I love that I have a picture of Oceana from LAST summer in that same outfit and that it STILL fits her!!! She needs to smile though.... none of that attitude! Good Grief Child!!! Haha - you have SUCH beautiful babies Susie! Love you tons!!!

  5. Loved strolling down memory lane with you...

    I second that Oceana's skirt is incredibly adorable! Great job!! :)