Friday, February 22, 2008

Day 46

Joshua and I had some skin-to-skin time last night. He's slipped inside my shirt there. Quite fun - and then Mummy messed with the camera. I have a strange feeling that the screen on the back of our camera is on its way out. And I'm terrified. It doesn't have a view-finder, just the screen. So if that goes, the camera's pretty much useless. AK! It's not that old, so I'm a bit frustrated there. Of course it has lived through me - a completely clumsy fool - and Oceana who needs no introduction.
Joshua's taking about 16oz a day. I talked with a lady with La Leche League (international breastfeeding organization). She gave me some really go recommendations - and more proof that fenugreek and blessed thistle actually work. Not that I didn't trust you, but I didn't want to try something that was a "sorta-kinda" thing. Sounds like fenugreek almost always works. I'm planning to get some tomorrow morning. I spent the day talking to friends, doctors, LLL, and pharmacies about electric pumps and herbal supplements. Ugh. I feel more confused than before. But at least I have more information.

Oceana, Joshua, and I made it out to our first event in town. Mainly Music is a mommy-and-me music group. It's just down the street at a church and a lot of my friends take their children. I've missed it (it doesn't run from early Dec thru early Feb) and then we were away for the first one last week.
So we left the house around 9 and walked to the doctor's office. (Don't get too impressed, it's just around the block). Joshua needed his bandages changed. So they checked him out and it's looking pretty good. His doctor Gisela (Gee-zilla) said she thinks his 'cele may be getting bigger. I think that's true - probably because the CSF pathways aren't right which may cause hydrocephalus. His is a bit different than a child with a normal skull - so it probably just makes the 'cele bigger. Of course this is all my opinion, but it is a "side effect" of encephaloceles.
Anyways, then we walked down the street (one more block) and went to MM. Oh, just to clarify - Joshua was in the sling and Oceana was in the stroller. We didn't buy a double stroller because we knew we wouldn't have Joshua long. And anyways, I love the sling. It's much more secure. Our roads are quite bumpy (they don't press down the asphalt here) and there's not always sidewalks everywhere - so a stroller would jostle him around more than I like.
Oceana had a blast. I only told her a few minutes before we left that we were going to see Eli. "Ee-yi?" It makes that girl move FAST! Margo (his mum) said he's a love-sick puppy waiting for Oceana. Haha. Isn't he such a cutie. This is the only clear picture of them - they ran too fast for my camera to catch them. Well if the camera does die... at least I can put in my "wish list" with Matt for a better camera. HEY! I didn't break the camera on purpose! :)

So we came home and put Oceana down for sleep. My plan was to "get something done...", instead I fell asleep on the couch with Joshua on my chest and woke up 2 1/2 hours later to Oceana crying. I opened her door and found her naked - diaper included - crying and waiting to be let out of :jail:. Ha. I have no idea how long she was there. I wonder if I slept through a lot of tears, she doesn't normally take her diaper off. Oops.

Matt was in Tauranga today doing a first aid course. Good, at least he's done it. We'll just have to stay close to him in case we ever need him. Haha. Don't mothers get a first aid degree after a certain number of children or a certain age. (All moms of boys over 3 right???) What about tomboys?
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  1. Hello, Susie!
    Excellent family!
    Good luck.
    Have a good weekend

  2. Glad to hear the fenugreek and blessed thistle are working for you.

    Oce and Eli are adorable in this pic.

    I will continue to pray for your little miracle man.

    Love ya!


  3. Wow! Great pictures. It looks like Oceana's hair is really growing. They are adorable together.