Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Day 45

Joshua's doing great today. He's eating tons. And we finally figured out the problem... the nipple on the bottle. I know - how simpel could it be?!?!?! We've been using the "newest" of the bottle nipples we had. I just assumed that would be best, because it was the cleanest. And it fits the top of the bottles that attach to my pump. I was talking to his Plunket (well-child) nurse and she suggested getting a preemie nipple with an easier flow so he didn't have to work so hard to eat. Dawn breaks over marble-head and I thought, "Wait, don't I have something like that?" I went rummaging through the bottle gear in the cupboard and found the Nuk nipple that I was giving by Livingston County's Social Services when Oceana was born.

I popped it on the bottle and gave Joshua an ounce of milk. 5 minutes later... the bottle was empty. WOW! So I gave him another 2 oz. 10 minutes later it was empty. And that's been the trend ever since I started using that nipple. He burps more (no duh, he's guzzling it down like a trucker at 7-11), but he's DRAINING his bottles. I'm impressed. The trend (like I said) was 8-9oz in a day. Yesterday was about 16oz, and only because I got some feedings messed up around dinner - it would have been closer to 18 or 20. I'm gonna aim for 18 today! That's the average for a baby his age! I'm so happy that he's doing better! Wow! If he keeps eating like this, we'll have him over 7lbs by the weekend! Woohoo!!!!

Does he look chunky yet? Well, he's still skinny - but he's over 19 1/2 inches long - which means I'm having to retire his preemie clothes because they're just way to short. In his footed-sleepers he's gotta keep his knees bent to stay in them! Haha. 19 1/2's still short for his age, but consider that his head is about 2 or 3 inches shorter than the average baby. We only measure to the top of his head, not the top of his cele.

In clarification to another poster: At present there aren't surgical options. We were offered a possibility after he was born that his doctors didn't expect him to survive through. We declined because we want him to pass away with us, not on some cold, sterile table. If there's a good option presented to us, we'll consider it. But a possibility that's prequiled by "We don't expect him to survive this surgery"... isn't an option in our books.

Oceana and I were playing with the camera on the way to Rotorua. Can you imagine being in the back seat of a small Nissan squished between two carseats? Yah. It's not fun. But I wanted to watch Joshua since they were bumpy and curvy roads. I just about fall out of the backseat when I get out.... "LAND AHOY". Ak!

I want to go running today. But juggling to babies between naps and feedings and then fighting off my desire to procastinate... I don't know if it's going to happen or not. Hope so...
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  1. I did a double take when I saw the title of the post. 45 days! What a miracle boy you have there! So glad you're working out the supplemental feedings. Grow, baby, grow!!

  2. I'm so happy for you that it worked out it's so funny, I was going to send you a message about the same thing b/c my mother in law is an OT in the neonatal and she told me ther are on avaerage 23 different kinds of nipples, and a few especially the NUK's just for premies so they don't use al the energy to get the milk out.

  3. What an awesome breakthrough!! I am thrilled for you - it's always the simple things that make us feel so silly as mothers :) C'mon 7 lbs!!

    Hope you found the time/desire/gumption to run!


  4. awesome. go you! we think about you guys everyday.

  5. I have read your blog daily and he is such a precious miracle. My little girl has full trisomy 18 and is almost 3 yrs. old .They told us she could not live, that she was incompatible with life. Even though we know only God knows, I fell for it. The point is that in the beginning Annabel would not eat and she tired so easily just to suck. The first yr. she stayed on premie nipples then the last 2 yrs. she is only taking the nipple from the regular nursery. The hosp is so wonderful and gives me several bags at a time, I just sterilize for about 3 mths. then discard. She will not suck off of store bought nipples. The are thicker and much tougher than those at the hosp. I am so happy that you have found a nipple that he is eating with and I do hope you hit that 7lb. mark by the weekend. You are an amazing person and he is such a lucky lil Angel.
    Cathy & Annabel

  6. I'm so glad you found a nipple that works better for Joshua! My son (who has brain damage) has a hard time sucking from a bottle too if it is not easy flow... takes him FOREVER... and he is 18 months old!

    Hopefully now that you've got something that works better for Joshua he will begin to pack on the pounds!


  7. Yay I got my google/blogger i.d. working again!! Turns out with my baby brain I was just signing in wrong! I'm so glad you got a nipple that works better for Joshua...Come on 7 lbs.!!! Good job on running, I've been just trying to even get my exercise video done! Praying for you as always!! =) Kelley

  8. Wow! Congratulations on the discovery of a nipple that will help in feedings. I look forward to seeing some chunky thighs on that boy before long (smile).

    Continuing to pray for you all ...

  9. Wow! What a little piggy :) That is so great that he is eating. And hey, now you don't have to spend all day feeding him since he is eating so fast! I bet he will hit that 7 lb mark and just keep going. He'll be a little chunker before you know it. It's good that he's out of premi clothes now. That's a good sign.

  10. So glad you found a nipple that works and he's eating like a trooper! I had a similar problem w/ my LO with a nipple I tried.

    I am amazed and impressed by little Joshua, no one ever told him he wasnt supposed to do well :)

    Im still praying for all of you and so is my church!

  11. What an answer to prayer! Now he'll gain quickly. Yay, Joshua!

  12. Glad to read that everything is going smoothly! Have a great rest of your week.

  13. Congrats on being an Auntie! And on finding a nipple that works for him. I had the same revelation with my DD but it took me MONTHS to figure it out! Her issue was an extremely high palate so she couldn't physically get a good suction to nurse, on me or the bottle. She was big though so I just swapped her to toddler nipples. She was only happy when she was practically drowning in formula (I had supply issues as well since she wasn't stimulating me properly, there's an herb called Shatavari that is very helpful and doesn't have the side effects that some others can). has an excellent low supply forum!

  14. Susie~ That is just awesome about finding a nipple that works better for Joshua! I bet that your supply starts to increase now that he is demanding more. You know the whole supply and demand thing. I would totally suggest getting a double electric pump and then it would only take you 10-15 min to pump for him.

    I also wanted to comment that you were WAY nicer to Annonomous with the comment about "don't worry about breastfeeding". I would have been much harsher. I totally understand why you would Breastfeed your children. And why breastfeeding Joshua is so important given his delicate medical conidition. You are doing your very best for him and that includes breastfeeding.

    God has a plan for Joshua and he found the perfect parents to help Joshua in his life's journey. Your strength and courage is inspiring to me. I am the Momma to 3 children and when I am having a hard day with them or I feel discouraged,I try so hard to think of you and your positive attitude, and that helps me get through my day. I figure if Susie can have a positive attitude and trust in God to help her in her journey, then I can certainly have a good attitude when my 3 year old pitches a fit in the middle of Wal-Mart!

    I check this blog at least 3-4 times a week and I am always so pleased that you keep us up to date on your family. Everyday I think about you, your husband, your daughter and your precious Joshua. I come here thinking that I could possibly encourage you and instead you are aweinspiring and encouraging to me. Thank you!

    Love & Light~
    Jennifer Bray
    Spokane, WA, USA

  15. Woo HOO!!! I am so happy to hear he i eating like a champ now! That is wondeful. I almost feel like he is one of my own. I agree with previous poster Jennifer, you are an inspiration.

  16. Thank you for the clarification about surgery. I think you are doing a great job of taking car of him and his sister. You need to feel comfortable with the decision of what needs to be done with your son. Do not let anyone rush you into making any decision that you are not ready for. Enjoy Oceana and Joshua.