Sunday, February 10, 2008

Day 35

Last night Oceana went to a birthday party. Eli Noah James M. is turning 2 today. This is Eli - he's a friend from church. He and Oceana are exactly 2 months apart (11 Feb, 11 April). Here's a few pictures from our Christmas party at Mainly Music (Mommy and Me music class). It was dress up day - so Eli's a Kiwi Santa, Oceana was an angel.
Like a good old crazy mum, I took Oceana at 7pm (an hour before bed!) to a birthday party full of presents, sugar, and rambunctious kiddies! But she had a fantastic time! And some fantastic cake too. :) Eli's mum is quite talented in the cake department. She made a Noah's ark cake - complete with chocolate cookie roof, chocolate logs on the sides, a 2nd story, and dozens of animals. I'm beyond impressed! WOW!

Joshua got to stay home with Daddy and have a bottle. We tried out a bottle on Saturday to see if he could handle it. Sometimes babies have a hard time transitioning. NOT Joshua! Wow! He took to it the second he got it. Last night I was giving him the last bits of the bottle when the phone rang. I propped it up on a pillow and ran to get the phone. I thought it would be a quick phone call, but it was my gramma and I was on the phone for 20 minutes. When I came back he was still sucking on the bottle - even though it was all gone. I think we're gonna have to find this boy a pacifier! We bought him pacifiers, but they're too big! They're for 0-3 months, but they don't even fit in his mouth!

Here's another picture from yesterday. I think his face is filling out. And I love seeing his eyes open. Doesn't Oceana looked thrilled!?!?!
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  1. hahahahaha, she DOES look realllllllly thrilled, that is So funny...

  2. Eli is a cutie!! I love Oceana's angel wings....have a great day!

  3. Shop for a preemie pacifier. You can order them online. ;)

  4. They make premie pacis...if you can not get them by you let me know. They have them here in the "states"

    Beth and Abigail

  5. I don't know if they have them where you guys are, but here in the US there are preemie pacis that might be good for Joshua... my son was a preemie and when he was in NICU, the had these tiny things they would stick in their mouths to practice sucking... they were SO little! I kept one of them as a momento! But I'm pretty sure if you can find a hospital with a NICU there, they will give you a preemie paci!


    Still praying for you guys daily!