Wednesday, January 2, 2008

What's going on?

Well, I remember that when Mrs Hub (Andrea) was about to go into labor, I took any hesitation to post as her possibly being in labor. So I thought I'd blog and let you know that - No - at 40 weeks and 4 days, I am not in labor. I've had some tightening - but nothing interesting. I had two that were painful in the night, but I had a toddler in bed with me, so I couldn't get up to pee. Any pregnant woman knows that a full bladder will make you feel like your stomach is going to split apart. So it may have been that, rather than real contractions.

So here's an update on the last few days.

My midwife's uncle passed away. So she left this morning to drive to Waikanae (7 hours south) and she'll be gone until tomorrow night. They also have to visit her mother-in-law who is in the hospital from a stroke. I told my mother last night - when I found out - that I was simply not going into labor now until Friday. Simple enough right? I just won't go into labor.

I was informed that induction in New Zealand is not nearly as harsh as in the USA. With Oceana they broke (the wand scratched her head they worked so hard at breaking it!) my water. After 90 minutes I wasn't "doing anything interesting" so they slapped me with a drip full of pitocin and away we went! I delivered Oceana 4 1/2 HOURS later. I've been told since that typically pitocin takes 12 hours to work. Hmmm.... So anyways, it's intense and quick, and not what I was expecting from labor.

Pat (MW) told me that they'll probably either give me a gel to dilate my cervix or if I'm already dilated - break my water. Then they'll let me LEAVE THE HOSPITAL for 6 hours and wander around town to shop or have coffee. Sweet, bring it on. I hated the idea of wandering around the hospital, or worse being stuck in bed, for hours upon hours waiting for labor to start. That's an induction I can handle. Pitocin's a beast.

Matt's mom has arrives, safe, and sound, with all her luggage. It's good to have her here. But I quickly realized that we stopped planning *anything* after my due date - so we've all been wandering around the house aimlessly for the last 4 days, because we don't want to plan something and have it fall through, but we don't want to just sit around and stare at the wall either.

My sister Havie is a real trooper. She's 18, and in college (in NY state). She wasn't able to come home for Christmas - in her words, "Mom if I come home for Christmas, I won't go back to college!" She's really missed home, and has had the roommate to end all stupid roommates. Poor thing. At least when my other sister was at college, I was around. But Havie's all on her own. And her boyfriend lives in Phoenix, so she only sees him once in a while when they can scrape together airfare. But she managed Christmas on her own (by on her own, I mean with her boyfriend Dahvede in Phoenix) and didn't call with tears and "I miss you's". Granted, she has her boyfriend - but Havie's always been the homebody, mommy and daddy's girl and we were all surprised how AWESOME she did. So if you're reading Havie, don't start crying now, but we're proud of you, we miss you, and we can't wait to see you. :)

Oceana didn't get good sleep the other day because at 11pm on New Years Eve some random people my dad met 3 years ago showed up at our house. They were loud and obnoxious, and uninvited - and they woke up my sleeping daughter. ARGH! Once Oce has been woken up, there is not a good chance of her sleeping well through the night. And she didn't. So January 1 was a bit rough, but she did ok that next night. Then last night she fell and scraped her elbow and cut her toe quite badly. I think it must have been this that woke her back up around 10:30pm. We brought her in bed with us last night. Let me tell you, a grown man, a pregnant woman and a toddler CANNOT safely or comfortably share a double bed all night. Ugh. I'm exhausted. I think I'll be needing a nap before my nap today.

Last night we had a YWAM DTS outreach come to the house. We know them because they're from our same base in Matamata (see November's posts). I was excited about having them come to town, and looking forward to several girls company - only to realize that their school staff (who know Joshua's condition) had failed to pass the message on to them. They all showed up asking when baby was coming and if labor had started, and suggesting I take a ride on a motorcycle to bounce things into gear, and playing a really good "oblivious". It was hard to have to sit down with my two friends Tash and Robinn and tell them the real deal. I hope they communicate it to the others, because I don't want to say that again. I'm so sick of saying that he won't make it.

I've been thinking about Tarah and Seth (Growing Goodsons) and their children Gideon and Jericho. Gideon went to be with Jesus after 6 short weeks in the NICU with his mommy and daddy 2 years ago on Jan 1, 2005. Jericho blessed their arms this fall and I was so happy for them. I'll say now, I was on pins and needles her whole pregnancy hoping, praying, and wishing for a healthy, full-term baby for them. But I understand a bit of the frustration, pain, and heartache right now. Not completely, I'm sure. But Tarah, specifically, has weighed on my heart this week.
I've also been thinking about my friend Andrea Bridge. She lost her 33 year old husband, Rik, last January 7th to melanoma skin cancer. Yeah, you read that right - a 33 year old with skin cancer. It was diagnosed just 3 months before his death. Andrea had her 2nd child, a daughter 12 days after he passed away. Her name is Rikayla Aroha, which I thought was a beautiful tribute to him. Aroha is the Maori word for "love". It's their first Christmas/New Years without him. Malachi is now 4 years old, and Rikayla is nearly 1. Rikayla never met her daddy, but I'm sure he gave that belly more than a few kisses along the way. My heart aches for Andrea. In the midst of all she's going through though, she still sends me txts to ask how we're doing. I'm amazed.

I guess the people who have experienced pain find refuge in knowing they're not the only ones in pain....

Those are my early-morning thoughts on Thursday, Jan 3rd. :)


  1. Hey Susie - Thanks for the mention in the latest blog. It has been rough being away from the family over Christmas, and especially not being able to be with you. I'm amazed I haven't had any teary phone calls but sure enough as i write this I'm starting to cry. I love you so much and I wish I could be there with you right now and see my little nephew. You're in my prayers always. I love you.

  2. I was starting to wonder, I was only checking your blog like 3 times a day the past few days wondering what was going on. My mom and sister and I have all been praying like crazy, and my sister's in town and I stopped what we were doing to check with her here today, so now we're both updated.
    Stefanie Harriff

  3. We are praising the Lord and rejoicing with you because of this wonderful miracle, Baby Joshua.
    Our prayers for your family
    include blessings, health and
    prosperity for each one of you.
    This New Year 2008 is going
    to be a testimony of the faithfulness and goodness of God
    to those who "love Him and are
    called according to His purpose."