Wednesday, January 16, 2008

In reply:

"Anonymous said...I was wondering if you could explain your living situation since you said you live with so many people."

We live [and have lived for 19 months] with my parents, in their 5 bedroom home. We have two of those bedrooms and then full use of the rest of the house. We do everything together - in terms of meals, cleaning, etc. It's not as though we are a separate family unit within the household. Currently the tally includes my parents, Mike & Jeannie, and my brother Josiah who is 16. Over Christmas we also had my sister for over a week and Matt's mom for 2 weeks. We've also had 4 girls from a Discipleship Training School camping in our backyard for 2 1/2 weeks now. They only used the toilet and shower, but were still around. My other sister will move back home from university later this year as well.


  1. Wow! Sounds busy:) It was so good to hear from you. Yes, it does feel rather like you're going to die especially when you just really aren't a morning person, haha:) BUT, I have a feeling kids will help me get over that quickly. For now...I just try to focus on the positives. How are you holding up? I wish I could bring some lemonade (since it's hot over there...right?) and chat with you today so you wouldn't feel too lonely:) You're such a great mother Susie. I admire you.

  2. Hi Susie,

    It's raes3boys from the Natural Birth section of Babyfit. I'm still here with you! Congratulations on the week and a half--I am AMAZED at your little man, and by you and your family. :)

  3. Just wanted to say hello & see how Mommy is feeling today?

    God Bless you.

  4. Just wanted to say hi. I saw that your picture is up at the 365 Project you posted about. What a beautiful family portrait, I love it! I'm still praying for you and your family and your little miracle baby. Take care!

  5. Susie, hope things have been okay for you guys today. I saw your pictures at stateofthenation, they are so sweet! You guys look great.