Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Day 10

Joshua's doing good. He ate well in the night (I woke him up) and again at breakfast. I think he did 4 hr intervals last night. I hate waking up to an alarm at 3:30am, but I figure I may only get to breastfeed him for a short time - so I don't care if he CAN sleep through the night - I don't WANT him to sleep through the night. I get concerned as well because I wonder if he's waking up hungry, but not crying. So I'm never sure if he's hungry...
He's got three little drops of CSF (cerebralspinal fluid) on his head cover this morning. Please pray this stops. Like I've said before - If anything can get out, anything can get in - it's a MAJOR infection risk when he's leaking.
Brent, from stateofthenation, is coming today to take some pictures of Joshua. I'm really excited about that! I dressed him this morning in a sleeper that I thought was too big (it wasn't that bad) and I thought, oh wouldn't that be cute for his pictures on Saturday. Then Brent called and wanted to come today. Score! I don't even have to change him. :)
I'll be making cheesecake for dessert today. I know, never mind that postpartum weight loss... We have the crew of the M/V Pacific Link coming to the house tonight for dinner. My parents are directors of the ship (not captains, directors - like mom and dad of the ship). Check out this if you're curious about the ship. They're bringing dinner and we're making dessert. I have become big fan of cheesecake, because I used to be convinced it was difficult - only to find it was EASY PEASY.
Life has to continue in some normal light. The dishes still need done, the cleaning still has to be done, the laundry, etc. Me making cheesecake because my parents are having people over helps life feel normal. I need some amount of normal. I can't leave the house. In fact, since he was born I have gone on one short walk, and gone to the doctors and the pharmacy once. I feel quite secluded. Matt and Oceana took Mom to the airport yesterday and I sat home and.... get this.... unraveled yarn. Hahahahaha. Ok.
Poor Joshua's nose is still stuffed up. But between the syringe and the saline drops, he's doing ok. He's staying awake more - not tons - but enough that we get to see his eyes open. And he moves a bit more now, so I have to hold onto him tighter. I'm always afraid I'll drop him when he moves quick.
Prayer Requests for Today:
**Our family - Matt, Oceana, Joshua, and I. We need to gel as a family. It can be difficult at time because we live with so many other people.
**Joshua's cele - It needs to stop leaking and heal over.
**Joshua's cold - His congestion really bothers his breathing at times.
**The red tape paperwork trail - Immigration and our visas, his NZ birth certificate, his US birth certificate, our insurance. Pray I don't lose it, and that everything goes smoothly.

Love you all.

Pictures: I cannot upload too much because of our internet, not because of blogger. I might be able to get my sister uploading pictures from her house this weekend. We'll see. I'm as anxious to show him off, as you are to look at him. :)


  1. Hi Susie - we met some years ago at Elim - your family was headed to NZ and mine had just returned from Haiti. We've been reading your blog and praying for you these last few months.

    Anyway, since I know you're nursing Joshua I thought you might be interested to know - because of the immunological properties in breast milk a few drops in the nose works just as well, if not better than, saline for nasal congestion. It may be worth a try.

    Praying for all you have going on, that God will give you an extra measure of grace today.

  2. Cant wait to see new photos!

    Still praying!

  3. Hi Susie. I have been reading everyday and I look forward to hearing more about Joshua. I still continue to pray like mad for all of you. You are such an amazing person and your faith has brought me closer to the Lord. God bless

  4. I'll be praying, as always... much love.


  5. Prayers coming your way. I too make a cheesecake, but I cheat and use the one from a box. Can't wait for the next update!

  6. Hi Susie, just wanted to say hello and let you know that I'm thinking of you.

  7. I was wondering if you could explain your living situation since you said you live with so many people.

    Praying for you!

  8. Hope your cheesecake worked out o.k. ! I enjoyed the update baout joshua, reading your daily blogs are such a blessing to me! I was thinking about you guys today and It reminded me do you remember when we went on a double date at elim we got chinese food and ate it in the car at the park because it was raining so hard and then you and I fell asleep while the guys talked until the rain ended!

  9. God bless you all! Joshua is a beautiful boy and you guys are a beautiful family. Joshua is lucky to have you all! You have made the best decision for him, hard as it was. My sister had to make the same decision for my beautiful nephew who was born with unexpected and severe medical complications. Many people will not understand it, I'm sorry for the comments that may be made out of ignorance.

    After my nephew passed away I put this quote (found on the web) in my Christmas letter about him "God sent each person into the world with a special message to deliver, a special song to sing and a special act of love to bestow." This agrees with Ephesians 2:10 which says "We are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do." Joshua's song is beautiful indeed!

  10. Hey Susie and Matt,
    Darren and I are praying for you all. Susie, you peaked my interest with saying making cheesecake is easy. Could I get the recipe? It is one of our favorites but I also have avoided it thinking it was hard.
    I know when life is tough sometimes simple "normal" things make things seem a little better.
    Love you guys!
    you can email or myspace message me the recipe as I don't have a blog.

  11. I was thinking about cheesecake and remembered that over Christmas I found a recipe for "turtle cheesecake". You put melted caramels drizzled over the top (after the cheesecake cools) and then drizzle melted chocolate chips over the top (mix both with a little milk so they drizzle easy) and then drop some crushed pecans or walnuts on the top. Voila, Turtle Cheesecake!
    (You may already know this, but my family ate it so fast at Christmas, I thought I might pass it along for fun for you guys).
    We are praying every day for your family.
    Love, Melanie (Anna's sister)

  12. I am amazed at the faith you and Matt have. I love all the pictures you send and I am praying for all that you ask and more. Dianne

  13. Susie,
    I've known about Joshua for several weeks now through Debbie in PA. Not sure her last name, we met on an online message board =) I just got the link for this blog from her tonight and read through it. Your faith is very touching, as is the strength your family has shown.
    You'll be remaining in my prayers. May every moment with Joshua be a blessing!

    ~Cilla in Oklahoma

  14. Your family is still in my prayers and thoughts. You absolutely blow me away with your strength and love.

    How about sharing the name of your internet service provider and maybe some of your loyal fans will see what they can do about your little photo-limit situation? Hmmm? :)

    Blessings to you all,