Friday, January 4, 2008

40 weeks, 6 days

How can I say "Nothing Happening." another way? Hmm....

Well, I said that I've been "crafting" lately, and that I'd give you a glimpse into some of the things I've been making. I realized, long ago, that when I am stressed or sad or bored, I will sew. I have a hard time sitting still while watching a movie. I watched movie after movie from my sewing machine. It keeps my mind busy - and probably subconsciously, I'm keeping myself from dwelling on Joshua. Not that I don't think about him. But it's exhausting, both physical and emotionally, to think about it constantly. So in the meantime, I have sewn. And crocheted. And knit. And cross-stiched. These are only a few - just what I could get my hands on this morning and late last night.

There's also:
**a full-length peasant skirt for myself (somewhere in the laundry), **a hat and booties for Joshua (which are in the car, in the hospital bag), **a pink and white flowered shirt/tunic for myself (also in the laundry), **pajamas for Oceana (also in the laundry), **a hat and booties for my nephew Evan, **a cross-stitch that I gave to Mom Sams for Christmas, **another cross-stich like the one of the little girl, the two quilts and curtains I already posted here (probably in early December 07), **mattress protectors for the Marine Reach ship, **9 couch pillows for the Marine Reach ship, and I remade a **pair of capris into maternity capris.

Tunic dress for Oceana. She wears it with blue shorts. Seen in a previous post.

Crocheted socks. My first pair that look like socks instead of booties. Quite thrilled with them. :)

Two peasant skirts for Oceana

A crocheted sweater for Oceana, with a hood. This thing's so heavy she probably won't need a winter coat. (It doesn't get below freezing more than once a year, if at all).

An apron I made my mother - it's thrown up on the couch behind Oceana.

Most of the shrug I've made for myself. It's just a "use up the scrap yarn" project.
I need a 2nd sleeve obviously.
Posted by PicasaHolly Hobby-ish cross-stich

Beginnings of the "Bless You Two" Precious Moments cross-stich.


  1. You did a great job! I already knew you were good at sewing when you re-sized that skirt for me our Junior year. I need to get more creative with making do great work!

  2. Woman! You are a machine! I think the sweater for Oceana is my favorite, but the Holly Hobby is a close second.

    You do amazing work. I wish I could do crafty things when I feel stressed etc. Instead I clean. That is a good thing but I'd rather have a project to hold in my hand instead of clean windows :)


  3. I read your blog and I cried. But, than I thought, you are going to give birth to one angel. He will maybe be with God right away.
    Sorry for my english, it is not my language.

  4. hi Susie, just checking on you & wanted to say hello.

  5. hey the projects! You amaze me! The Precious Moments and Hollie Hobbie crosstiches (sp?) are beautiful:) I remember the days of Hollie Hobbie...seems like forever ago! But all the crafty things you beautiful! I can't even sew! :( But I do admire all the wonderful crafty things you do:)

  6. Susie - I'm proud of you! You are a picture of a "real" Christian! Trusting God no matter what and no matter how much it hurts! Knowing He has been there and always will be there! We all could learn a little of that "out of control" Faith! I LOVE your stuff! I am sewing/craft challenged! Even paint by number is a bit out of my league! LOL!!!
    Love ya!!!

  7. Love your "half a shrug!" That just cracked me up. In the midst of all you are going through and waiting for, you were being crafty. Just the thing I would have been doing too.