Monday, December 24, 2007

My favourite people

If I could, I'd put this in a competition somewhere. I love it.

It only took about 12 pictures to catch one in mid-air. Perfect. :) And yes, her overalls were coming apart.

Matt and Oceana have a special bond. It was a rough starter. Matt felt like she was always with me, never him. And when she could choose Mummy vs. Daddy, Mummy always won. But recently, she's become more and more of a Daddy's Girl, which is so cute to watch. These pictures really capture the way they are together.

And yes, this is my beach. 5 minutes walk.
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  1. What great pictures! You do need to enter that one in a competition. Isn't it wonderful to watch your daughter with her daddy! I can't get enough of watching Seth with Jericho! You can tell Oceana adores Matt in these pictures. PRECELESS!

  2. I found that to be true with our 1st also. It took a while for him to bond with her because they are so attatched to you for so long. But once they can communicate more and play then it is just amazing how they become so close. Daddy's little girls :)

    Have a wonderful merry Christmas!

  3. These are gorgeous definitely should enter them in some competitions.