Sunday, December 2, 2007

A few thoughts

***I had a frustrating day yesterday - felt like the world was judging me, and that life isn't fair. I think at 36 weeks pregnant, these thoughts sort of permeate your mind. I don't know, it's probably just the hormones. But I'm telling you that if someone else were to tell me it was my hormones, I'd probably kill them (in a hormonal rage of course).
***I said, 'Bless you!' to a woman for saying I was so little for 36 weeks. Hehe. It's so nice to hear that.
***I got finished with the curtains to Oceana and Joshua's new bedroom set (for Christmas). I hung them up, only to realize that the stain on the fabric that I thought I had covered, is much bigger - and shows like a big "pee/sweat" stain in the middle of one. They're specially quilted with figures, so I don't want to ditch it and buy more fabric - I put HOURS of work into appliquéing those curtains. I can't figure out how to continue appliqueing to cover the spot completely. Blah. I was almost done with Christmas presents. I had other plans for today. But do I continue with the project I intended to finish, or do I go on to the projects I had planned (expecting the first project would be done quickly)?
***Christmas presents to the states need to be mailed ASAP - like days or weeks ago. The box is sitting her staring at me. I need to burn a CD of pictures to go in the box before I seal it and mail it. I'm such a procrastinator.
***My husband, who does not do the "Attentive Daddy" routine - talking to baby in utero, talking about names (much), rubbing my belly, asking about how I feel physically. But yesterday I walked up next to his chair, to rub his recently-buzzed No.1 head. He turned to my tummy, rested his head on it, and said, "Hey buddy!"

"Tears" is all I can say.

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