Saturday, November 24, 2007

Oh how I have missed thee....

Every month my Dad (who we all live with) subscribes to a 10gig upload/download broadband service. With five of us using the internet, this has worked great! And it's not that expensive. The only problem is that if we use more than the 10 gigs, the service automatically charges for an extra 2, and if you go over that, another 2. You can't opt out of buying the extra gigs, so you have to be careful not to go over the 10!
Well, this month we went over the 10. And for the last week we've been trying to keep the upload/download to a bare minimum, and were still close to going over that 2nd 2gigs. So, that's my excuse for not posting in a few days - and believe me it has annoyed me soooooo bad!
In my website absence, we heard from the hospital in Auckland, we have an appointment on Dec. 6th - two days shy of 37 weeks (ARGH!). But hopefully it will be our only appointment there, as it's over 2 hours away and we don't want to have to make more than two trips (Once for an appointment, once for delivery)!

This is Oceana when we were at our DTS. We were early and ended up waiting for Barbara, her teacher. What sort of face is that one? Looks like she swallowed a lemon. She looks so cute! That bag, with the animal face is a kiwi, the face, wings, and feet come out of the back, and she LOVES it! She's always wanting to carry it on her back. Too cute!

We're having Thanksgiving late - in other words TODAY! Woohoo! Because New Zealand doesn't do Thanksgiving, or anything similar, they don't have any sort of holiday on Thursday, so we wait until the weekend. It really doesn't feel like a holiday unless it's a weekend. We've invited Jeremy to join us, he's the captain of the ship my parents work on ( He's from Texas and missing his Canadian sweetiepie, Lori, who is in the Philipinnes for eight weeks. So we thought he needed some good, American food today!
Thank you Andrea for the banana cream pie recipe. I can feel the pounds sneaking up on my already just looking at the recipe!
*So good to be back*
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  1. Happy Thanksgiving!!! We missed you guys at the table. We had way too much food and desert. I sent half the leftovers home with Heather. We had a wonderful time with the Morellis. Love you!

  2. I hope the pie turned out great! We are still eating ours. It only gets better I'm finding! Hope it was a wonderful day for you all.