Monday, November 19, 2007


Alright, whoever stole my brain, I want it back! I swear, my brain was stolen from me! What is up with the pregnant brain thing?

Today I wanted to go for a walk with Oceana. I needed my wallet because I was going to walk to the pharmacy and get a prescription filled. I could not for the life of me find my wallet! I ransacked the house looking for it! I spent all day yesterday cleaning, and I couldn't remember seeing it! I finally found it in the car, under the passenger seat.... right where I left it. It's beyond me why I didn't see it there!

Then I put Oceana in the babycarrier and took off down the street. Halfway across our lawn I turned back around and went in the house. Why? Because I had forgotten my prescription. So I clomped up the stairs and grabbed the prescription off the fridge.

It's about a 10 minute walk to the pharmacy, and by the time I was there my 25lb. daughter was making my back hurt, but I was glad I'd made it. I opened my wallet and pulled out the paper. As I opened it to hand it to the pharmacist, I noticed it was NOT the prescription. It was Matt's Dr's form that is on the same paper, the same size as my prescription....which is still at home, on the fridge,.......

Oh My Goodness! That's just ridiculous!

Whoever stole my brain, I want it back!

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  1. I'm right there with ya! This was hilarious to me... only because I am daily going through this same stuff.

    I called Daniel today so angry because I couldn't remember where I put my cell phone charger. I had looked and looked! I finally found it, right where I had left it.Of course. I called him back and said - Can I just not be pregnant anymore so I can have my memory back already!!! Enough is enough! :)