Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kiddie Kryptonite

I have discovered my daughters' kryptonite!

A few weeks ago a friend of mine was talking about keeping her 2 year old in bed at night. Apparently Miss MayaBear likes to get out of bed. A lot. So her Momma took away her special teddy bear. When MayaBear got out again, away went the special blanket. Eventually it was MayBear in bed with just her normal blankets and plain pillow. *Horrors!*

Well I took the knowledge and filed it away. About a week ago I thought I'd try it out on Naomi. I told her Scout would have come with Mommy if she didn't stay in bed. When she didn't stay in bed, Scout had to spend the night in the hallway.

Both girls' attention I now ownnnn.

"Oceana, I will take away your pillow pet for a few days if you won't do XYZ".

"Naomi, be gentle with your toys, or Mommy will take away Scout until you can learn to be gentle."

Works every time! And it's not as hard to take away a toy as it is to say "You can't go to XYZ" (because that messes w/ my plans, not just theirs).



  1. Word of caution.. the more it's taken away, the less they'll care. OR at least that's my experience. Just thought I'd give that bit of unsolicited advice. :) I wish you had a mommycam on them. They sound like hilarious girls and balls of energy! Haaaa!

  2. Don't you love it when you get a new thing in your bag of tricks that WORKS!? Yahoo!

  3. ohhh... how can I get my 3.5 year old to sleep in his bed before Daddy comes home in 40 something days?!!?! HE doesnt have a toy he sleeps with...

  4. LOL Susie!! Is Scout the green doggie?? Yes, I, too, worry that soon it will become a point that will no longer matter to my kid, but if it works for a week, a month, or two months, then that's GREAT. Nothing's going to work forever. What I've learned about kids: just as soon as you think you've got the upper hand, they go and change all the rules on you, don't they?? Now, let's figure out how to keep these darn diapers on at night!!!!