Saturday, March 19, 2011

You should know...

That I love to sew.

Currently on the sewing machine: Naomi's Easter dress. $3 fabric from Wal-Mart. Bought on a whim because there were coordinating purple fabrics on the $3 rack! :) Going for coordinating purples this year, rather than matchy-matchy. Using THIS pattern, and doing the cap sleeves.

Currently in the mend pile: A pair of Naomi's leggings that have sprouted a hole in the crotch. My sister-in-law's cropped cardigan. She was going to throw it out because it has a hole. (((wink))) We can fix that!

Currently on the "I want to sew that in my free time" pile: A grape vine fabric mantel cover for a friend who has a grape vine obsession. Thinking something like THIS fabric, using a pattern she gave to me (she says she'll never get around to sewing it herself).

Currently in the "Must be sewn before Easter" pile: Silver satin to make THIS dress. For me ;). the tank version with ruffles. Let it be written in history: Susie, high-school hater of all this prissy, girly, ruffly, or pink - now wears pink and intends to wear ruffles.

Currently on the list of things to do: No sewing! Must clean house!


  1. I really admire your sewing and knitting abilities. Wish I could make clothes and the really nice items you create. I hope you know it is a true skill. Thanks for sharing. It's enjoyable to see what you have going on.

  2. You are going to rock that dress, Susie!!

  3. Hey Susie, just wanted to let you know that the post I did on about your blog, has had 42 page views since it was posted in June last year. That's more than any other blog I've listed! :D