Thursday, March 3, 2011


I saw a crocus on my lawn. Ak! Spring may be on its way!

My girls get wound up about 30 minutes before bedtime. What on earth is that about? Just about the time I'm ready to pack it in and give up, they amp up!

I say things like "STaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhp!!!!!!" And yes, I do hold it out that long. And yes, it does sound completely exasperated!

I have so few normal female cycles ((yah, those female cycles)) that I did not recognize the bloating last week for what it was. Instead I spent a ridiculous amount of time worrying about not fitting in my jeans.

We went to 4 different stops the other day, at lunch time and naptime, and had no meltdowns or fits. I returned with my sanity and most of what I intended to pick up. Mark it in history. It probably won't happen again. :)

I've spent some time sewing in the last few days. We're headed to a baby shower this afternoon --- so of course how could I *buy* something when I have flannel still lying around from Black Friday when it was $2/yard? Burp cloths are easy to throw together and evidently so are baby shoes. :) I'll definitely be making more baby shoes in the future. I'm happy to share my original pattern for burp cloths, if there's interest?

I had a spaz day yesterday. I thought Matt told me he was taking the car to work. Our car gets parked out behind our landlord's business. I can't see it from the house or the backyard (unless I walk to the very far side and look down the pathway). So I spent the day feeling cooped up and stranded. Around 7pm, Matt called to say he was on his way home and mentioned he was driving his boss' truck. It was only then that I realized I'd had the car all day! Gah!

Hazelnut coffee. Just sayin'. :) We're good friends.

I'm not the only one, right? I made cupcakes almost 2 weeks ago and they're not gone yet. But they don't really taste good anymore. They're dry and they weren't very good anyways (they were the dud batch, I made a 2nd batch for Evan's birthday party). I don't want to throw them out and "waste" them. But I don't really want to eat them either. I'd much rather make something new. This is the dilemma I've been having all week. Sad that I dwell on this particular subject, isn't it?

Speaking of baking, I wanted to make pumpkin spice muffins or pumpkin spice cupcakes ---- something on that line. *Opening google to look for recipes....*

So, you know, that's a bit of what's going on here. When I drum up a little creativity I'll blog something better ;)


  1. I love the way you write Susie! You have such a great way with words.. XO

  2. pioneer woman has delicious pumpkin cupcakes. just saying

  3. Toss them and make the pumpkin ones! I'm in Australia and we don't really do much baking with pumpkins, as a kid there was politician's wife who was famous for pumpkin scones (I think our scones are different too!) and it was a bit of a joke about being eccentric - well that was my impression as a kid. Anyway, recently I tried a pumpkin cupcake recipe and it was simply awesome! Then Costco came to Australia and they had pumpkin pie and oh my, poor neglected pumpkin baking! So I am a new and big fan of pumpkin baking LOL

  4. This is exactly the way my mind works! Love this post! Would like 2 see the burp cloth pattern. :)

  5. Make trifle :) That's what my Mom always did with leftover, dry cake...

  6. If you are looking to make something with pumpkin, I have to suggest these...
    I don't even like pumpkin, but these make my mouth water. They are SO yummy!