Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas in a Winter Wonderland

To be completely fair, I don't think our area of Pennsylvania Dutch Country really qualifies as a Winter Wonderland. It's more like, cold, with a chance of frigid wind. I can deal with the cold, until that wind kicks in. Then I remember that relining the inside of my wool coat is on my list of things to do! Christmas presents come first, as well as sewing/knitting jobs, so the coat can wait and I'll just wear a 2nd sweater. (Oh, no, I kid not. A 2nd sweater, with a fleece jacket over it - inside the house). We're cheap. So 64 degrees (F) is where the thermostat stays. :) It just means socks and sweaters in the house. Most days for me that means 2 extra layers because I'm apparently the coldest warm-blooded animal that ever walked the earth!

This was my only attempt at a Christmas photo. They weren't exactly cooperating. Note: The leg sticking up in the air. This was the *best* photo. Oh well. I'll try again on Christmas Eve and Christmas.

I've been telling Matt we were going to get a small tree. Just a little $20 tree. Nothing big. Our living room is quite small, and the only place to put it is between the TV and the basement door, so small is necessary. Small. Well, don't you like our small tree? I like my friend's husband response on this one, "What's important is that it cost like a small one :) How can he blame you for getting the most for his buck!? :)" I like that! Perfect! I'll go with that explanation!

Truth be told, this tree was 50% off. And since the girls and I were freezing by the moment out in the cold, we "settled" on this tree. Oceana had a little handout about how to care for a tree in her hand. It had one of those "tree perfection" trees on it and she was convinced she had to find that tree. After about 10 minutes she was happy to pick the $20 one with a few funny imperfection. We just wanted to get inside to pay for our tree!

I was optimistic thinking that a small tree would fit into the trunk of our little Jetta. Notsomuch. Matt had to run to his Dad's work to borrow the SUV so we could actually get it home. (Thus why Oceana and I picked the tree, Matt was driving across town to get a tree-mover).

Hope you're all ready for Christmas! I am not. I have a *ton* of stuff to sew, and a lot more to clean. *Eesh*.


  1. Your tree is lovely...and your girls are getting so big!

    Merry Christmas to you!

  2. I live in your area (I live in York), but have been following you for years! I wish we got more snow around here! Last year was perfect! It sure was a winter wonderland! We had 2 feet of snow before Christmas and 5 feet of snow within a week in February! WONDERFUL! :) But we would like to live in an area with more snow. And we are there with you when it comes to the heat! We keep our heat at 62!

  3. I also regularly fail to find my zippers once I am ready for them. I am glad I'm not alone!

  4. You must feel like winter is perpetual after coming from opposite ends of the earth! :) Ohhh, the girls are soooo incredibly big! I'm pretty sure they're eating their spinach!

  5. That last picture of the girls is so cute.(Well actually they are all cute:) Naomi makes me think of Oceana right around the time I started reading your blog in Jan '08.

    Merry Christmas!!!!