Saturday, November 13, 2010

Today I taught my children

I have been thinking about how a lot of my job as a mother is to teach my children. I do lean to the homeschooling side (and I really hope we're in a position to be able to homeschool next year, but that's beside the point). Even if you've never did or wanted to homeschool, you still teach your children.

I thought it would make a great blogging series. And whether you'd like to join me in blogging about what you taught your children or not, I hope you enjoy this!

The concept comes partly from a conversation I had with my mom last night. I was telling her about our overly-sensitive fire alarm (it's wired, not sure if that makes a difference?) that goes off at the drop of a hat. Last week something had burned down in the oven and I had not realized it. So I'm baking dinner and the alarm went off 4 times in about 30 minutes. By the last time it went off Oceana was beside herself. Our alarm says "Fire Fire Fire Fire Fire" as well as the shrill alarm beep, until you run to the 2nd floor and "hush" it. She had been running to her room every time it went off and crying inconsolably. The poor girl must have been overtired, but now she asks me if we can move to a new house because she hates the fire alarm that much. Uh oh.

Anyways, while I'm telling my mom this, she reminds me that by letting Oceana run to her room during a fire alarm, I've "taught" her to hide when there's a fire. Oh my goodness! I knew that, but somehow in the frustration of the moment with the fire alarm and my ensuing dinner fiasco, I never made the connection. That will be fixed very soon!

But for today: Today I taught Oceana ..... how to change a roll of toilet paper. She was amazed by the spring coil tube and had no idea how to put the new toilet paper in. And now she knows. So there, see, I taught my child today. And some day I'll make her roommate or husband or friends very happy when she's not the person leaving the empty toilet paper roll on..... :)

What did you teach your children today?


  1. thanks for this post. The penny has dropped for me too about teaching my kids the basics of life. I usually get really frustrated and the need to just want to rush in and do it all myself is really hurting me in the long run. So today my kids cut onions to help me with dinner. They loved it so much and having to teach them not to rub their eyes with onion hands! I could be inspiring the next best chefs!

  2. Oh dear. We haven't had anymore fire alarms here, but Bridie has woken every night since, and ended up in our bed. I am ashamed to admit that by last night I was pointing out to her the only thing she has to be scared off is a sleep deprived grumpy Mummy!

    Were you at Playcentre when we had a visit from the fire engine? The thing that stuck with me after that was that kids often are scared and will go and hide, and that when the fireman is wearing his mask he sounds like darth vadar. We have talked about it many times since - don't hide, yell so they can find you, and even though they might sound and look scary, they are not! Perhaps you could have a 'fieldtrip' to the local fire station. That might help to reassure Oce.

  3. I think it would be a great blogging series!!!!

  4. Love this post first "chore" was to change the toilet paper roll, and I felt SO IMPORTANT to be trusted to do that hehe ;)