Friday, November 19, 2010

Tinkerbell Dresses

I do most of my fabric shopping at Joann Fabrics. I prefer to go into the store. Fabric is one of those things - like produce - you have to see it and touch it to know if it's good! I'm pretty good with my couponing, and I follow their sales, to be sure. Without coupons and sales, fabric gets steep!

One of my favorite things about Joann Fabrics is their patttern sales. Every few weeks they will advertise a sale on one or more of the pattern brands they sell. $1.99 is normal, but $0.99 is definitely the best! When patterns run at $16 normally, getting it for $1 is a crazy good deal.

Often I will only need one pattern, but since the patterns are so inexpensive, I'll buy up a few extra that I think I might use in the future. Case in point: This pattern. For a $1?? With two little girls that like dressing up? This will go well.

But now I'm hitting the wall. Oceana has yet to learn that instant gratification is not the way life works. She sees the pattern, she knows that Momma can sewn, and she knows Momma can sew pretty fast. She wants a dress NOW! Yesterday she got in trouble several times because she simply stood beside me and whined that I was not sewing her dresses yet. Oh yes, dresses. I tried to have her decide on one so that I could promise if for Christmas. Was that good enough? No, she wants all five. Yesterday. *eye roll*

I love that she appreciates me sewing abilities, but "Child! Calm it down!"

The plus side is that I have a ton of leftover fabrics from various Etsy projects, so these dresses will be almost free by the time I get through my stash. However, I won't be making them all! At least not before Christmas!

I think I need to start hiding my patterns!


  1. Oh my goodness Susie, those are way cute for a little dress up costume. Hilarious about O wanting all 5!!! Ha.

  2. Well Get REady you will be in love with JOanns sale the day after thanksgiving.. Be Prepared to be there early!!! They have the most awesome fabric sale that day!!! And there are coupons!