Friday, November 12, 2010

No umph

These two photos, and four others from that night, are the only photos I have to show for the last three weeks. And when it comes to the kids, it's probably been nearly a month. I am ashamed! And the camera's been in my diaper bag (because I get annoyed with a camera bag and a diaper bag) .... so my only excuse is "No umph". I haven't been taking pictures of the kids. I miss it.

But for some reason I've lost my Umph. Or my MoJo. Well to be honest, I'm not entirely sure I ever had MoJo. But I do have umph on occasion. Right now is not one of them!

I missed the Harvest Party, days out with friends, countless days at the park, the way the girls' rooms look (Oceana's is decorated. Poor Naomi has a bed, and that's that. But she needs ZERO distractions for bedtime, so likely it will stay that way until she gets herself into a good sleep routine). But that's going to have to change! The girls change daily, and I don't want to miss documenting them!


  1. I have no umph either. I'd blame it on the weather, but I love this time of year. Maybe we work too hard. :)

  2. i too have lost my mojo. or perhaps lifes just gotten to busy and my mojo is being otherwised used. yes... lets think of it like that.