Friday, October 1, 2010

More of the Etsy'ing

I'm hoping to sew enough that I don't have to work a part-time job. Even full-time, in a position that I could get (assuming that I can't get a salaried position at the moment), I would barely make enough money to make working worthwhile. Childcare around here seems expensive to me (it's probably not that bad, but since I have two, the price is nearly doubled). I realized that if I was able to clear $X every week, I could make staying home with my girls lucrative.

Custom designed dress --- meant to match this doll dress --- another Alchemy bid. Looking at it this morning, I think I'll add bows to the sleeves, that shouldn't take me more than a few minutes.

A super-duper cute print that I found at Joann Fabrics. I call it a Twirls and Swirls skirt. It's made from the same original design you see here.
And this project --- we'll see if I keep making them. This was a one-off try. I thought it was a great idea, but since it has yet to sell, I'm not sure I'll make it again. I'm hoping to spend some time learning about how to make my Etsy shop thrive. But that takes time.

Uninterrupted time. Without small children spilling drinks on my thread (um, as of 2 minutes ago, thanks Naomi!). Or asking a diaper change (5 minutes ago). You know... the usual. :)

I have visions of myself planted in a Starbucks chair, sipping away on some caffeinated-deliciousness, and reading every Etsy blog ever written. Hmm... Hope I can make that happen....

The biggest problem with sewing so much is the time it takes. I can't really sew when the girls are awake. I try, and it goes downhill fast. There's just too many variables with them awake. Too many sharp objects. Too many projects/fabrics/etc that *aren't mine* (essentially, since I'm sewing for someone else).

It's been a lot of late nights this week, and I've only completed 3 dresses! I have confirmed orders for another 6! I better find a quicker way to make dresses! I'm also learning that too many changes to a pattern make for a lot of wasted time. I *can* do it, but that doesn't mean I *should* do it.

It's a whole lot of live-and-learn over here. I'm enjoying myself though. :)


  1. :) I wish you the best, and I think that your stuff looks adorable. :) You are right about childcare in this area...I think I live close to where you landed (I'm just outside Harrisburg, PA) and my daughter is currently in childcare and it costs half my salary. We are expecting another in April, and I will be quitting my job after that because childcare for two would cost my whole salary. Best of luck in your etsy endeavors! :)

  2. Have tried do a line kind of thing? Like, if you have those six dresses, do six of each step first. That way you don't need to get as many items out at once, and you can keep some other things put up and away from the girls until its time to do that step.

  3. @Jennifer - I wish that worked! Because they are all custom orders I often have the change threads between dresses, and so far none are the same pattern --- if I were doing all the same dress, that would be an awesome idea. At this point I just plug through for as long as I can before I start making mistakes. :) LOL.

  4. I have followed your blog for some time now and so happy that you are in the US!!! yay! I too am a SAHM and know that in this day in time, it isn't easy. Have you heard of Thirty-One? It is a faith based company, and just for women. Email me at and I will fill you in on more details if you are interested. Or you can check out my website