Saturday, October 16, 2010

Here we are!

We're in our new place! Yay! We started moving yesterday - in actual fact I think we have everything of urgent need at the house, there may be a few last stray boxes at my in-laws' place (and all our things in VT still). But we're here, and slowly digging out. :)

The living room is set, the kitchen is *mostly* set. The upstairs --- well, we don't need to talk about that do we? :) Let's just say we're still finding our way ....

Perks so far: Loving the multicolored carpet in the living room. It's so good at hiding stuff that Matt and his dad had to search on their hands and knees for some dropped screws --- Hello "hide the dirt" carpet! Screened in back porch --- makes it possible for us to BBQ in the winter, for the girls to play "outside" without playing in the snow, and gives me a place for muddy shoes/snowy boots that is neither inside, nor outside!

Negatives: I can't walk up the stairs carrying a laundry basket without scraping my hands or the basket on the sides. And... apparently we never saw the apartment when the neighbors were home. Last night I heard their mom talking to their kids and felt like she was in my house, not hers. Uh oh! *Fingers crossed that it won't drive us crazy*


  1. Yikes. We lived in an apartment once where we could hear EVERYthing going on in the next apartment. And I mean (ahem...) EVERYTHING. We took lots of late evening walks to get away from some of those (umm...) "sounds". Crossing my fingers that you only get to hear conversations!

  2. Congratulations on starting to get settled. As for the laundry basket issue if you live near an Ikea I love their huge blue bags that you buy, for only 59 cents, at checkout to put your purchases in. I use mine for laundry. I can carry several bags at at time and even hold a baby, they will not scrape up the stairs and can easily be folded up out of sight when not needed also great for carrying lots of beach gear buckets pails inflated floaties when going to the pool or beach. Evidenlty I am not the only person who likes these bags. I just goggled Ikea blu bag images and found even more creative ways to use these bags. Click to see a baby carrier made from an Ikea bag haha and even a dress.
    Hugs and Prayers
    Rachel in TN