Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dancing Divas

My sister Melody [who's not really my sister, but rather a best friend of 18 years] has always loved dance. In the last year she's begun teaching ballet classes in Rochester, NY --- and while we were up visiting I had to chance to snap a few photos of her class. Oceana was thrilled to be able to join in, and even Naomi had the chance to dance at the end of class.

Opening her "listening ears"

If you're in the Rochester, NY area and are interested in the details, please email me at mnssams (@) gmail (.) com. Melody is open to special needs dance students as well, if this is a concern for you. For ages 3+.

** And yes, those are Bouncing Blossom Tutus you see - every class finishes up with Tutu Time. :) **

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  1. wait a minute wait a minute I somehow missed you moved back stateside!? and are you in my fair state too?! {although we are downstate} how exciting!

    the dance pics are too cute. in a house full of boyos no tutu's for me.