Sunday, September 19, 2010


Etsy has this cool section called Alchemy. Etsy-ians ask others to bid on a custom design and then choose someone to execute the project. I've looked through there before (from New Zealand) but never bid because I didn't think it was lucrative because of the costs of fabric and shipping.

This week I bid on 8 projects, and just found out I've definitely gotten 1, and possibly another. I'm really excited! It's building my creativity and knowledge (I've only made a few dresses without the person right there to try it out, so I have to be very precise), and it's letting me try lots of new things.

And anyways, who wouldn't want to try their hand at this gorgeous Kit Kittredge dress? Or this one from Never Ending story.

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  1. I stumbled here, I am not sure how--

    In any case, i love the kit dress. Adorable. Good luck in your new endeavor ! I always love trying new things.